iPredator Educational Cyber Attack Risk Assessments

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Free iPredator Educational Cyber Attack

Risk Assessments

All of the iPredator Inc. cyber attack risk assessments and internet safety PDF tests have been formatted and designed to work as data collection, assessment, educational and internet safety monitoring tools. Of the 26 checklists & inventories offered, the IISC tools (13 Checklists & 1 Interview) are formatted for verification and initial screening for internet safety, cyber-attack preparedness and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) weaknesses. The IPI tools (12 Inventories) are designed for inquiry, open discussion and inspection of internet safety, cyber-attack preparedness and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) vulnerabilities.

Hundreds of hours went into the research and design of Dr. Nuccitelli’s iPredator construct, IISC & IPI Collection tools and all products & services offered by iPredator Inc. Regarding the IISC & IPI Collection, Dr. Nuccitelli specifically designed them for the primary purpose of being used as data collection and education tools. Although he spent an enormous amount of time in their development and confident of their diagnostic capacities, he did not run them through clinical trials or validity examinations as commonly conducted with psychometric testing instruments.

Dr. Nuccitelli & iPredator Inc. do not falsely claim or advertise any of their checklists or inventories as being psychometric instruments with extensive reliability & validity verification analysis. However, Dr. Nuccitelli is confident his checklists & inventories were thoroughly researched and created leading to useful tools used by information security organizations, educational systems, professionals, professional organizations and families. As he and all humanity are the first generation of the Information Age, Dr. Nuccitelli is also confident all his products & services will be amended for years to come as behavioral healthcare, law enforcement & the social sciences learn more about the impact iPredators have on the health of society. A brief definition of the 26 tools are presented as follows.


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Announcement: Effective July 2018, all iPredator internet safety themed checklists and inventories are free of charge to download and share. Pasted below are the links for each assessment located at this website. Click on the assessment link you would like to download. Once there, click on the “blue” file download button to save or print the PDF file. No personal or email address is required. Respectfully, Dr. Nuccitelli #iPredator NYC



  1. iPredator Probability Inventory – 330 (IPI-330)
  2. iPredator Probability Inventory – Adult (IPI-A)
  3. iPredator Probability Inventory – Business (IPI-B)
  4. iPredator Probability Inventory – Cyberbully (IPI-CB)
  5. iPredator Probability Inventory – Cyberbully Abuser (IPI-CBA)
  6. iPredator Probability Inventory – Cybercrime (IPI-C)
  7. iPredator Probability Inventory – Cyberstalking (IPI-CS)
  8. iPredator Probability Inventory – Educator (IPI-E)
  9. iPredator Probability Inventory – Internet Predator (IPI-IP)
  10. iPredator Probability Inventory – Pediatric (IPI-P)
  11. iPredator Probability Inventory – Psychologist (IPI-PSY)
  12. iPredator Probability Inventory – Teen (IPI-T)


  1. Adult Internet Safety Checklist (AISC)
  2. Business Internet Safety Checklist (BISC)
  3. Cyberbully Abuser Checklist (CBAC)
  4. Cyberbullying Target Checklist (CBTC)
  5. Cybercrime Protection Checklist (CCPC)
  6. Cyberstalker Identification Interview (CSII)
  7. Cyberstalking Prevention Checklist (CSPC)
  8. Digital Reputation Protection Checklist (DRPC)
  9. Educator Internet Safety Checklist (EISC)
  10. Internet Safety Checklist Psychologist (ISCP)
  11. Online Predator Prevention Checklist (OPPC)
  12. Parent Cyber Safety Checklist (PCSC)
  13. Pediatric Internet Safety Checklist (PISC)
  14. Teen Internet Safety Checklist (TISC)


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Business Internet Safety Checklist


Source: iPredator Educational Cyber Attack Risk Assessments

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