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Internet Safety Checklist Psychologist



The Internet Safety Checklist-Psychologist [ISCP] is an internet safety tool and cyber attack risk assessment authored by Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D., a New York State licensed psychologist, certified forensic consultant and  iPredator Inc. founder. The Internet Safety Checklist-Psychologist [ISCP] assesses a child or adult’s high-risk online activities, cyber attack vulnerabilities and internet safety prowess. Designed to be multi-functional, the Internet Safety Checklist-Psychologist [ISCP]  is a structured checklist for diagnostics, education, investigation and data collection for mental health professionals. The ISCP can also be used for compiling evidentiary information  for authorities, Internet Service Providers and the legal system if the online user client is being cyber attacked by an online assailant[s].

An exhaustive mental health internet safety checklist has been released for purchase by iPredator Inc. Developed by Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., C.F.C., a New York State licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, this risk assessment and diagnostic tool was designed to assist psychologists, psychiatrists and behavioral healthcare professionals formulate accurate diagnoses, create individualized treatment plans and assist in discharge planning.

Internet safety, Internet User Disorder [IUD], online victimization and cyber deception are a small sample of psychological disabilities being presented to Information Age behavioral healthcare professionals. Mental health and the psychiatric system are increasingly having to devise creative treatment plans to meet the rapid growth of clients and patients being negatively affected by Information and Communications Technology [ICT.]

As a fellow member of the behavioral healthcare field, Dr. Nuccitelli has designed the Internet Safety Checklist-Psychologist [ISCP]. In addition to developing the ISCP, Dr. Nuccitelli designed 25 other online internet safety and risk assessment tools specific to the typology, age of online user and organization.

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Internet Safety Checklist Psychologist


Internet Safety Checklist Psychologist [ISCP]: The Internet Safety Checklist Psychology is a 330-item checklist data collection and diagnostic tool for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and behavioral healthcare professionals. The goal of the ISCP is to verify a child, adolescent or adult’s online preparedness and vulnerability of being cyberbullied, cyberstalked, sexually solicited, stolen from and/or victimized by iPredators. The ISCP can be used as an adjunct to individual and group therapy, prevention education training, an adjunct to intake assessments and behavioral healthcare training.

The ISCP is designed for children, adolescents and adults ages 11+. Given the rapid growth of Information and Communications Technology and social media, the ISCP is vital to behavioral healthcare professionals in their diagnosis, treatment and discharge planning of clients or patients seeking mental health and/or substance abuse treatment.

In addition to a data collection tool, the ISCP has been designed to allow behavioral healthcare professionals to engage in a dialogue with clients on their Information and Communications Technology [ICT] practices. The factors most problematic for online users, involved with behavioral healthcare, include inappropriate personal information disclosure, high-risk ICT behaviors, minimal iPredator awareness and psychiatric/psychological states that adversely affect their online activities. The ISPC also addresses the growth of mobile device technology and attempts by iPredators to infiltrate their target’s mobile devices.

Please note that all iPredator Inc. checklist & inventory tools have been formatted and designed to work as data collection, assessment, educational and internet safety monitoring tools. Of the 26 checklists & inventories offered, the IISC tools [14 Checklists] are formatted for verification and initial screening for internet safety, cyber-attack preparedness and Information and Communications Technology [ICT] weaknesses. The IPI tools [12 Inventories] are designed for inquiry, open discussion and inspection of internet safety, cyber-attack preparedness and Information and Communications Technology [ICT] vulnerabilities.

Cyber Attack Risk Assessment & Educational Tool

Dr. Nuccitelli is quoted saying, “It amazes me how some teens are able to both survive and thrive in the Information Age. Cyberbullying, cyberstalking, online sexual predation and cyber harassment await them every day if they let down their guard in cyberspace. Not only support, encourage and educate your children on internet safety, but tell them how impressed with their capacity to stay safe you are.”

Source: iPredator Internet Safety Checklist Psychologist (ISCP)

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