The irony of tax dollars for Islamic education

Jun 29, 2014 by

Doug Clark – This week we’ve witnessed two incredible political ironies in North Carolina’s Brave New “Conservative” World.

One is that the state Senate, which has touted its deregulatory agenda for the past three years, just passed a tough coal ash regulation bill, even creating a new regulatory authority to help carry it out.

The other is that the No. 1 requested school in the state for the new voucher program is the Greensboro Islamic Academy.

One hundred and seventy applications were received for vouchers to GIA.

Don’t forget, this voucher program was created by the same Republican legislature that banned use of sharia law our courts. But it’s going to provide tax dollars for children to be taught sharia law in school.

I don’t know the curriculum at GIA and only assume students are given Islamic instruction, along with other subjects. That is absolutely fine with me.

Except, I don’t think I should pay for it with my tax dollars.

I feel the same about Christian education. My children received Christian education in our home and at our church. I did not want or expect them to receive Christian education in their public schools.

(They did belong to a Bible-study club in high school, which was perfectly permissible. It met before school, was not part of the school’s curriculum, and did not involve any public expense.)

I know that many conservatives support tax vouchers for Christian private schools. Have they thought far enough to understand that means they also must pay for Islamic private schools?

If they’re OK with that, they must be more liberal-minded than I thought.

So our liberal-minded legislature is supporting Islamic education with tax dollars and beefing up on environmental regulations. How ironic.

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