Is a degree in Finance worth it?

Jan 13, 2020 by

Financial careers are multifaceted and earning a postgraduate degree in Finance can be a perfect gateway to enhancing your knowledge and skills. This will also aid in gaining expertise in managing and budgeting money, as well as investing wisely to increase your wealth. Here is a list of the benefits of pursuing a Finance degree.

  • Wide array of career options − A finance degree can open the doors to a wide variety of job roles in the financial world. Graduates in the field of finance are eligible to work in the field of commercial or investment banking, hedge funds, venture capital, financial planning, insurance or public accounting. This further enables students to find a career that perfectly fits their skill sets and passion. This degree provides students with the chance of conducting research to find the best job that is compatible with their skills.
  • Rapidly growing area – Besides the fact that it gives students a wide variety of career possibilities, it is worth noticing that financial fields are continuing to experience growth and job demand increases each year. This implies that earning a degree in finance would not only provide multiple job opportunities in a growing field but also increase your chances of landing a job right after graduation. Businesses owners and entrepreneurs will continue to need expert advice from a professional to budget and invest in their most valuable assets. 
  • Competitive earnings – The salary package that you might receive if you choose finance and investment as your career path will be starting £38,879 annually. You may also be eligible to land jobs with the highest starting salaries compared to any other field of business that would further continue to increase with promotions and continual education.
  • Broad scope of employment – Completing a degree in finance to give you the ability to work in other fields as well. You can also use the skills to land a job in any financial institution or employ your degree to work in a field outside of finance. This may include venturing fields such as real estate, non-profit organisations or entrepreneurship. This degree instils in you the power to either work for an organisation that speaks your interests or even start your own business.
  • Obtain financial skills – The financial skills obtained through this degree provides personal benefits as well. For instance, it can make you proficient in managing your finances, allowing you to hone the best management and investing solutions to build your own portfolio.

In brief, a degree in finance ensures that you will not only help you find a job but also gain job security in the financial world for years to come. The best way to achieve a well-grounded stability in the financial world is by choosing M.Sc. Finance online programme as your academic choice. Apply to the course today and start building your finance and investment career!

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