Is an Addictive Personality Causing You Harm?

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You just completed your heroin addiction treatment, are you safe not to relapse as long as you avoid your triggers? Unfortunately, even though you avoid the triggers that may lead you to use heroin again, having an addictive personality may endanger your recovery goals.

Whether it’s heroin, alcohol, or another substance that you can’t stop using, the root of everything comes from having a self-destructive and compulsive personality. By indulging in these things or activities, you enjoy the relief that it provides you.

Yes, the complex personality of an individual may lead one to become more at risk compared to others when it comes to addiction. This makes people with an addictive personality more prone to relapse following their heroin substance abuse treatment.

People with addictive personalities are more susceptible to relapse only when there’s a presence of high levels of these characteristics/traits combined. However, during their heroin addiction treatment, it should be addressed to prevent the incidence of falling into heroin again.

Do you have these addictive personality traits?

These are the traits that may put your life following your heroin addiction cure at risk:

Compulsive behavior:

We all know that any activity can cause addiction. When you have a compulsive personality, you tend to engage in activities too much because of the chance of getting a reward. It happens in eating, gambling, and playing video. Following your heroin addiction treatment, watch out for other forms of addiction that may also trigger you to use heroin in the later stage.

Impulsive behavior:

Do you act on the spur of the moment before thinking about the consequences? Having an impulsive behavior may lead you to lose control of your thoughts and behavior. This is why if you have this personality, your life after heroin drug abuse treatment may be at risk because there’s a high possibility that you’ll end up relapsing if it would not be addressed at once. When you react suddenly, you gain pleasure in an instant, but may leave you feeling guilty over time. With the consequences of your impulse behavior, you may end up using heroin again.

Sensation-seeking behavior:

People with sensation-seeking behavior are risk and adventure seekers. They love the feeling of adrenaline rush as they always want to experience new things in life. However, this trait may endanger your life following your heroin addiction treatment. With these characteristics, you may experiment not only with heroin but with other drugs.

Why Does Your Personality Put You At Risk?

Studies have shown individuals battling mental disorders are facing a much higher risk of developing a substance use disorder as well.

Not all people who have one of these personality traits are at risk of relapse. With the complexities of personalities, it’s difficult sometimes who will be at risk following their cure for heroin addiction. However, if you have a combination of these personalities, you should consider getting help to avoid problems, mainly when you just completed your heroin addiction treatment.

Here are some behaviors that can cause difficulty after addiction treatment, sometimes leading to relapse:

  • Denial
  • Impatient
  • Non-conformity
  • Emotional instability
  • Lack of patience
  • Social alienation
  • Poor self-esteem
  • Mood swings

If you believe you have an addictive personality, the best way to get ahead of the problem is to seek out therapy immediately. A good therapist can help you develop the tools you need to form healthier habits moving forward.

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