Is an IELTS Preparation Course Really Necessary?

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English, undoubtedly, is one of the most spoken languages all around the world. If you are a non-native English speaker and are looking to move abroad for higher studies or for building a professional career, you ought to pass IELTS examination scoring bands that are enough for the country to which you plan to move. Chances are that you might speak very good English, have a good vocabulary and a great pronunciation. So, the thought that whether you can skip joining an IELTS preparation class must have come across your mind. However, IELTS or International English Language Testing System is not the easiest English test out there and underestimating the examination is the first mistake made by many. No amount of Hollywood Movies can help you crack IELTS. There are many individuals out there who repeatedly don’t score enough in IELTS.

Moreover, joining an IELTS Preparation Course is not at all difficult. There are many recognized IELTS preparation centers that can provide you with all the training and the study material that you need. In fact, some of the IELTS preparation centers have more than 20years of success associated with them. The best example of this is Jamboree Education which, with its 35 centers in 22 cities and 4 countries including India, UAE, Singapore, and Nepal, has more than 25 years of success associated with them. They are the best in GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS and TOEFL preparation with facilities of private coaching, classroom training, live web training, as well as online training. However, if you are still not convinced that joining an IELTS preparation course is, indeed, necessary, please go through the following points and they will, definitely, clear your dilemma.

Do I Need an IELTS Preparation Course or Not?

Following questions will help you determine whether you really need IELTS training or not, before taking the test.

  • Are you capable to do multitasking in English?

You are aware that the IELTS exam has a listening module. But do you know that in the listening module, the examiners play 4 recordings and you require answering 40 questions throughout the period the recordings are being played? Please note that the recordings are played only once and you require answering the questions along with. The questions include completing the sentences, working your way to a summary,multiple choice etc. You must have learned by now that listening to recordings and simultaneously answering the questions is, indeed, difficult, especially if you lack the required speed and focus.

Please note that before the recordings are played, you will be given some minutes to go through the questions. This is the time that your mind should know what kind of answers you have to write down and this is what exactly is taught to you in IELTS training courses.

  • Do you have good reading abilities?

You might give the answer as a ‘Yes’ to this question but you must know that the reading module in IELTS consists of 40questions covering three sections. These questions are like reading for the summary, capturing important details out of a given text, skimming, understanding the logical motive, and recognizing the writer’s opinion and thoughts. If you think that you are quite comfortable handling these questions then either you are perfect or you are over estimating your knowledge. If the latter is the case then you, seriously, need to take an IELTS training course. In the training course, you will learn the techniques to handle such kind of questions. This will help you save a lot of time in the actual examination and along with that, you will be able to score higher in the section.

  • Are you comfortable writing in a formal style?

If you don’t know what a formal writing style is then you must go and join an IELTS preparation course anyway. The writing module of IELTS requires you to explain some data and to write an essay in response to a viewpoint, argument or a problem. Please note that the first section is of 150 words and the essay section is of 250 words. These tasks require you to write in a formal manner.

An IELTS preparation course can help you in this as you will come to know what, actually, a formal style of writing is. Moreover,you are taught how to write a good essay with a proper structure in 40 minutes.

  • Are you fluent enough in speaking English?

You might speak English well. However, are you fluent enough to speak on random topics? If you feel you are not, practice is the key. The more you speak in English the more fluency you will develop.Even reading informational magazines or newspapers will help you here as you need to have a treasure of words. Please note that pronunciation also matters.A good training course in IELTS will help you learn the correct pronunciation of words as well. This is very important as the examiner will take a good note of your pronunciation while you are speaking.

Please note that in speaking section of IELTS, nobody is going to assess your knowledge of a given topic. They are only interested in the way you speak and how proficient you are in speaking English.

  • Are you capable enough to finish the IELTS exam in time?

As you might know that each section comes with a time limit. The bonus of attending an IELTS preparation course is that you will be taught how to take the exam within the time limits. Mock tests during the course of your training can help you identify the areas where you are thinking too much and wasting essential time. This way, you will be able to handle the actual exam in a much better fashion.

Final Words

So, the bottom line is that taking up an IELTS preparation course is, indeed, necessary if you wish to score well in your IELTS examination. Hence, without wasting your time, join a good training center and pass your IELTS exam with flying colors.

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