Is Education As Good As It Used To Be?

Mar 12, 2019 by

There is a lot of debate in this world about education, and many countries have their own standards of it that they have to adhere to. But in general, it has been noted that education is most definitely on the low side in terms of quality, and it only seems to be going downhill. It doesn’t matter what age group we talk about, the global problem of education is growing and growing. It might be because children are losing interest in education, and finding more joy in things like gaming or the TV. Or it could be because young adults who are going to college are only there to get the degree they need to have the job they want, they have no intention of actually enjoying the subject they’re learning. So, with an education system that seems to be in tatters all over the world, how are we ever going to change the attitude towards it? Well, we think there are a few things that can be done, and a few things that need to be changed if education is to be improved. Here’s our insight into the problems the world is facing, and how they can be solved.

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Getting Kids Excited About Education

This is one of the most important things that the world needs to be thinking about, because the future generation are going to define how the next fifty years of our world turns out, and we need to be producing people with the knowledge to do the best in their own lives, to benefit the rest of the world. But getting kids excited about education just seems to be getting harder and harder, especially as the quality of teaching drops. It’s especially hard to get children who are having problems in school to be motivated, but using simple things such as school reward systems could help. We really do think there needs to be more done for those who are doing well, to help them have a passion for education that they find through the rewards they get.

Improving The University System

University is definitely something that is in tatters at the minute. So many universities are failing to provide the level of teaching and education that students require, and often students are found teaching themselves to try and get through the course. It’s also becoming increasingly hard for students to find a lifestyle whilst at uni if they’re living in the halls. More needs to be done to improve the student finance they recieve, and to help them earn a living whilst being at university. It would be a long road to solve education problems at a university level, but it’s one that needs to start today!

The Future Of Education
The future of education is mixed at the minute, but governments around the world are focusing on their own individual problems one step at a time. It’s just so important that some of the major issues around the world are addressed if we want our future generation to have a high quality level of education.

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