Is it Practical for a Nurse to Hold a Job, Manage a Family and Complete Higher Education?

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There is often a stark contrast between what we think we can do and what can actually be done in a practical scenario. When you are young and full of energy, overestimation is common, and while confidence is one of the key factors in making it through tough situations, overconfidence leads to steep falls all the time.

So, when it comes to juggling the duties of being a nurse and responsibilities towards the family, as well as pursuing an MSN, young nurses often end up overestimating themselves, ruining their confidence, health, and career in the process.

Does all that mean you cannot do all three at once? You absolutely can, but there needs to be a clever, practical and clearly defined process to manage everything.

Family Planning

If you are a married, young nurse with ambition, you should hold off for a while before having kids. Complete your MSN, get a promotion or a new job that fits your strong resume and then you will have both the money and the time to raise kids.

Study Online

Once working nurses actually sit down and consider what can I do with an MSN, they generally have a hundred reasons to take up the course, but by choosing to complete your MSN online, it becomes so much easier.

There is no time wasted in commuting, the tuitions fees are not as high, and a properly accredited online MSN degree course is equivalent to any a traditional MSN course. The main advantage that this clever maneuver will provide you with, is the benefit of flexibility.

This flexible nature of online MSN courses allows nurses to hold a job, get the experience and maintain family responsibilities at the same time, while completing their Masters. Of course, even then it won’t be easy, and you should consider working part-time for a while, but it’s still a practical approach which makes the seemingly impossible task quite possible.

Ask for Help

If you already have kids and they need supervision, you need to reach out to your friends and relatives for help. Paid help is a luxury, but at times when no one is available, it’s also a necessity.

The good news is, by taking the MSN course online, and shifting to part-time study, you won’t likely have to spend too much money on babysitters. Any student can access the resources and study materials from almost anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection and a smartphone/tablet/laptop.

Just as we discussed the problem with being overconfident, if a nurse is underconfident and decides never to take that step forward to reach a higher point in her career, it is also a mistake. It isn’t magic, but once you actually develop a working plan with the help of the tips above, you might be surprised at how much you are able to achieve, just by being a little brave and clever about it.

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