Is it safe to Vape?

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Oh, my goodness, you don’t do that around your kids do you? Don’t you know vaping is bad for you?

How many times have you heard people preach this statement to you? It’s surprising that so many people are still ignorant of vaping. With so much information freely available, you would think that everyone would understand the concept by now.

Instead, people choose to harp on about disinformation like ‘popcorn lung’ and the dangers of inhaling oily substances. The one thing that’s missing in all of these statements and judgments is the evidence.

No-one seems to have any proof to back up their claims. The truth of the matter is that science simply has not studied the effects of vaping far enough into the future to determine any long-term adverse health results.

Comparing Vaping to Smoking

There are countless articles and videos available online comparing smoking and vaping against one another. The real world experience of users is relatively similar; most find vaping to have little to no adverse health effects, while smoking has plenty.

The only real complaints from vape heads are the occasional upper-respiratory-tract irritation and a wheezy cough. These two symptoms occur from the different types of e juice available on the market. Some sweet flavors seem to contain substances that irritate the throat. However, this irritation does not occur in all flavors, and some have no immediate side-effects at all.

Diacetyl Disinformation

One of the biggest pieces of disinformation available on vaping comes from the urban legend of ‘popcorn lung.’ The story goes that workers in a microwave popcorn factory were exposed to excessive doses of Diacetyl and developed a severe lung infection which became known as ‘popcorn lung.’

Diacetyl is an organic chemical found in buttery vape flavors that precede 2015 manufacture. However, the amount of diacetyl found in these flavors is nowhere near enough to induce popcorn lung. All flavors from all major e juice manufacturers removed diacetyl from their flavors after 2015. In fact, the only place where you can find Diacetyl in a smoking product is in cigarettes.

There are only four ingredients in most e-juice flavor brands; propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine (optional). Cigarettes contain over 500 different chemicals, most of them remaining unstudied for their effects on human health.

What’s with Nicotine?

Nicotine is known as the drug found in cigarette smoke that keeps the smoker hooked on smoking. Claims on nicotine’s addictive nature have compared it to being worse than heroin. However, this is also disinformation. Studies on nicotine have shown that it has a mild addictive quality. Nicotine is added to e-juice flavors to help smokers with smoking cessation.

The Final Thought

Researching statements and claims on subjects that you know nothing about is the most logical way to become informed on the subject. However, many people still choose to remain ignorant in their judgment of vaping and people that practice the habit. If you dig deep into the negative research and articles posted online, you can see that most content that discusses the negative aspects of vaping are usually paid posts by tobacco organizations attempting to keep their market share.

Vaping is going nowhere, and more people are taking it up and throwing away the cigarette habit. If you are considering quitting smoking, then why not give vaping a try? It could save years of your life and help you live in good health and avoid the chronic diseases associated with smoking.

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