Is Studying MBBS in Georgia safe for Indian students

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Safety in Georgia : a concern for Indian Students and Parents alike

Indian students, from various parts of the country, are opting to study MBBS in abroad

countries to carry their medical profession ahead, as these outside MBBS are valid in India. When we talk about studying medicine abroad, the United States of America was the ideal

destination that used to come to our minds. On the other hand,when it comes to other popular countries like the UK,their rigid visa requirements and rising fee structures have always been  posing significant obstacles for students especially from India. Due to many socio-political issues in the US, other countries in Europe and Asia are increasingly being considered as the ideal destinations for medical studies for Indian students to pursue a good career in medicine. 

One such destination is the country of Georgia, formerly part of the Soviet Republic. In the

past decade, there has been an increasing influx of Indian students in Georgia, especially for

MBBS in Georgia 2021. Georgia has the upper hand, with the Georgian National University

ranking well, and its many advantages when compared to the USA and UK. it is low cost,

geographically close, and offers an academic structure similar to the European education

System thereby helping Indian students pursue top class medical education with ease.  With all that said, the only question that remains has got to do with the safety and security parameters in Georgia.

About the Cities and people of Georgia

The capital city of Tbilisi has become very prominent for studying MBBS in Georgia for

Indian students. A majority of Indian students, who have studied in Georgia, testified that

they felt safe and secure, the residents of Georgia were friendly and amicable, and there

were no negative experiences. A few of the students asserted that the people of Georgia

were reserved at first but once they got familiar with Indians, they became more sociable

and friendly.

If we consider crime-based statistics, Georgia can be placed in the spectrum of safer

countries with very low crime percentages. Whereas, in most other regions of Europe and the USA this may not be the case. Life in Tbilisi is very secure, with well-lit streets and police presence across the region. Cameras are installed in most areas and walking around at night is also not an issue in most regions. In addition to this, Georgian police are also quite helpful and supportive and communications with them can be done in English and they can help you in getting to your destination safely.

The political scenario in Georgia is very stable and the citizens live a life of harmony without

any significant hassles. There might be occasional student protestors holding peaceful

outdoor gatherings for voicing opinions against government policies and Indian students are

advised to maintain their distance from such activities. Although most of these

demonstrations are peaceful, trouble can be caused depending on the mood of the protestors and the police.

Like other countries, in order to avoid petty crimes like theft, pick-pocketing, and burglaries,

one must not carry large sums of money and avoid exhibiting a flashy lifestyle. Other general

precautions include securing the doors and windows, especially at night.

A recent Gallup poll concluded that participants surveyed from both genders considered

Georgia as one of the safest places to travel to. This situation in Georgia is distinct from that

of many regions in Europe, the USA, and even in India.

Studying in any abroad country requires caution and common sense. Crime can take place

in any place, anytime, and to anyone. It is advisable for women, even while in India, to avoid

strolling outdoors at night or frequenting night clubs without a companion. Ensure overall

safety by traveling light, maintaining situational awareness and your educational experience

abroad will be flawless.

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