Is there a Bingo caller at online casinos?

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The Bingo caller, the noblest of traditions, calling out numbers and catchy phrases, injecting life and passion into every game of Bingo. But as Bingo becomes more and more online, has the tradition of calling out numbers been relegated to the sidelines?

For the uninitiated let’s discuss what a Bingo caller is to start with, so what is a bingo caller?

A Bingo caller is the person that operates the equipment that randomly selects the numbers for Barbados Bingo. They call out the numbers for participants, sometimes with a catchy phrase attached. The Bingo caller might also be responsible for verifying Bingo winners.

This is for traditional in-person Bingo, however. So how could this job translate to an online casino?

Operating a machine

At an online casino, the numbers are randomly generated by the program that runs the game, there is no need for a machine to be operated anymore. This advancement takes care of the need to have a person operate a machine, removing an important job a traditional caller would have.

Calling Out Numbers

As for the calling out of numbers, some Bingo games are programmed with voice callouts for each generated number. This means that if a number is generated by the game a voice clip is played to signal the players of the game. This is very similar to what a traditional caller would do. Although a voice clip would likely not hold the same passion a traditional caller might provide. Remember, the caller is essentially the MC of a Bingo game, and it’s his job to keep everything lively.

Some traditional callers might choose to add a little flair to their callouts, adding little phrases like “88, two fat ladies” or ”B1 Kelly’s eye” outdated or not, these phrases at a bit of variety to repeatedly calling out numbers. Some online Bingo games may choose to replicate this variety and add their own phrases when numbers are called.

Verifying the Winner

Sometimes Traditional Bingo callers are responsible for verifying the winner. This is another aspect of the job that is made obsolete by the gaming software. If you’re a winner then your win is immediately verified, there’s no need to yell Bingo or show anyone your sheet. Some casinos even let you pre-buy tickets, so you don’t even have to be present at the game to win, it’s all verified for you. 

When it comes down to it, online Casinos do not have callers, at least not in the traditional sense. You might be able to hear your numbers called out loud, but it’s not the same as what you might get at a Bingo Hall.

There are some upsides to this, however. Thanks to the automated nature of it, online Bingo calls are much faster than having to wait for a person to call, thus games end much quicker. Plus not needing someone there to verify your win means that you can pre-buy a bunch of tickets, leave whenever you want and return to a potential victory. In the end, it’s a different feeling, but still enjoyable none the less.

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