ISIS teen accused of threatening to shoot up Florida school

Dec 9, 2015 by

A 14-year-old Jacksonville student was arrested after police say she made threats to shoot up Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, saying she was connected to ISIS.

According to police reports, Amani Ti’Nae Bracy, 14, said she and another person were going to start shooting in the school’s senior parking lot before going to the dance hall.

Police said Bracy contacted a student through the social media app Kik, saying she and another person were with ISIS and had hacked the school board server and were going to shoot up the school.

The arrest report says the teen claimed she had AK-47s and sniper rifles and that she warned the student to tell all her friends, saying, “they are giving them all a chance to live.”

According to the police report, the second suspect known only as Malik at this time said, “Don’t dare call the police, we gone murder u if u do.”

Parents at the school said they received a call about a lockdown.Amani was arrested inside a classroom at the school. Her phone was seized, but no weapons were found.


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