iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery Review

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If you are looking for Mac data recovery software then you are on the right page now. A data recovery app is essential nowadays especially if you work a lot with your computer. Data recovery software is needed because people could accidentally delete their files meanwhile those files are important ones. 

In this article, we will make a review of iSkysoft Data Recovery, an app to recover deleted files Mac. But, how effective is this app? Here is our review for Mac data recovery software from iSkysoft Data Recovery

Is It Worth the Pick?

iSkysoft Data Recovery is one of the brands that provide Mac data recovery features. The app will help users to restore a lot of file types such as photos, music, files, documents, and so on. It also supports if you want to retrieve your lost files from external drives such as USB sticks, DVD, iPods, and so on through a few simple steps.

Is It Safe?

When it comes to recovering your lost files, you cannot put the security aspect aside. Nowadays, your virtual daily transaction can even be hacked. And if the security aspect is your concern then you should not be afraid of it because you are in safe hands. Every part of the process is highly secured from the download process up to register your product.

How to Use iSkysoft Data Recover Software

Recovering deleted files from Mac has never been this easy. It only takes three simple steps and all your lost files would be back to your computer. Still, you need to download and install the app in the first place. After you successfully installed the app on your computer, you will need to register your software and activate the pro version. All information needed to complete the registration will be handed to you through the email. Once the registration is done, you can proceed to the next step which is recovering your lost files.

#1 Choose the location


The first thing you should do after you launch iSkysoft Data Recovery is selecting the partition where the lost data saved. And then you need to tap the “start” button to begin the scanning process. Wait for a few minutes until the scanning process is done.

#2 Scan the partition


The app will scan the specific location or partition and then show a list of recoverable files on your screen. To make the scan result more accurate and cut the time, you may use filter to decide what type of files you want to scan like photos, music, or videos only, for the example. Once you have found your files, you can stop the scanning process or pause it.

#3 Preview


iSkysoft Data Recovery software will allow you to take a look at the preview file before you recover it. This step will ensure you if you got the right files or you want to carry on. Some files might not be able to be previewed due to some reasons. However, you do not need to worry because the app has been equipped with built-in tips. You can follow the tips to fix the issues and preview your files easily.

When it comes to recovering your files, you just click the files you want to bring back and click the “recover” button. It only takes a few minutes and then you can launch your recovered files. Make sure you choose a different location to recover the files to prevent damaged files in the future.

Pros and Cons

Pros of iSkysoft data recovery

  • Three simple steps to scan and recover the data;
  • Recover almost all file types;
  • Featuring preview ability before retrieving the lost data;
  • Bootable media creation.

Cons of iSkysoft data recovery

  • The free version does not provide the whole features;
  • Partition recovery feature is available in the most expensive subscription;
  • No permission to copy confidential files;

ConclusionIf you need the reliable yet trusted software to help you with your Mac, we highly recommend iSkysoft Data Recovery in many ways. Other than that, it is important to choose the best Mac data recovery software according to its performance, interface, and security considering you need to protect all files personal information in the safest place as well.

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