Islam preacher disturbs the Advent performance of Kindergarten

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Even something as sweet and pedestrian as going to see a nursery school play is now fraught with peril.

No injuries, but it’s certainly a terrorist act. Some of the dhimmi-down dumb parents thought it was part of the performance. Sheesh.

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Islam preacher disturbs the Advent performance of Kindergarten

“Preacher” disturbs nursery performance

By Heute News, December 19, 2016:

Giant shock for kindergarten children and their parents in Oberndorf near Schwanenstadt (Bez. Vöcklabruck): During an Advent performance, a man (24) entered the stage in the white gown, took the Koran out of his backpack and shouted “Allah”

“Many thought that the man was part of the theater,” remarks Mayor Rupert Imlinger in his talk with “Heute”. He was there when the Kindergartengruppe von Oberndorf performed a theater on Sunday evening at the “Oberndorfer Advent” in the presence of many parents and relatives.

As a video shows, a young man, with a backpack and a plastic bag, entered the stage during the performance. With hand gestures he asked for peace and indicated that the children should leave the stage.


Father brought preacher from the stage

Immediately afterwards, the young man fetched a Koran out of the plastic bag and was just about to start saying something when a father and his brother took the “preacher” from the stage. Imlinger: “The man is a Somalian from the neighboring community, I have never seen him before.”

On the way out, the man resisted and shouted “Allah”, according to witness statements. “We kept him to the police,” says Imlinger.

According to witnesses, the children seemed anxious and insecure. A mother even says, “I was terribly afraid for our daughter, you can never know what such a person has before, let alone could have done.”

The police took the Somali officer to the police station for further investigation. In the backpack, only some clothes were found, according to the police. “No suspicious items could be found during a voluntary review in the 24-year-old’s accommodation.”

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Source: Shouting ALLAH with Quran in hand, Jihadi Storms Stage of NURSERY SCHOOL KINDERGARTEN PLAY in Austria – The Geller Report

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