Jacques: Funding roads drives GOP to wacky ideas

Jul 5, 2019 by

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s 45-cent-a-gallon gas tax hike proposal to fix Michigan’s roads seems to be making some Republicans a little crazy.

Reports in recent weeks have offered different variations of the same idea: How to leverage the state’s teacher retirement system as a way to find additional funding for roads.

This concept of either delaying payments on the pension system or borrowing a significant sum to free up money in the short term is leaving many conservatives scratching their heads.

That’s because these ideas are coming from Republicans, including the West Michigan Policy Forum, a group of (usually) fiscally responsible businessmen. And GOP leaders are considering these plans, although they’ve been reticent to talk about it.

“This is one of the least West Michigan ideas I’ve ever heard of,” says Anderson Economic Group CEO Patrick Anderson, who is raising the alarm over these proposals. “It’s recklessly avoiding the fact you can’t avoid paying your bills.”

Source: Jacques: Funding roads drives GOP to wacky ideas

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