James Madison University trains students that Christians, White males are ‘oppressors’

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James Madison University in Virginia is training student employees to recognize that people who identify as male, straight, cisgender, or Christian are “oppressors” that engage in the “systematic subjugation” of other social groups.

According to documents obtained by Fox News, student employees in charge of facilitating orientation for first-year students this fall at JMU underwent training in recent weeks to learn about social justice and inclusion.


A training video mandated for student staff, hosted by coordinators Jessica Weed and Jennifer Iwerks, described oppression as “the systematic subjugation of one social group by a more powerful social group for the social, economic and political benefit of the more powerful social group.”

The video defined an “oppressor” group as one that has the power to define reality for themselves and others, and in turn, the “target” groups “take in and internalize the negative messages about them and end up cooperating with the oppressors (thinking and acting like them).”

The presentation defined privilege as the “unearned social power accorded by the formal and informal institutions of society to ALL members of a dominant group at the expense of targeted groups.” It also said members of both the oppressor and target groups are “socialized to play their roles as normal and correct.”

The JMU training materials listed the various races and nationalities they considered “privileged” or “agents” and those they characterized as “oppressed” or “targets.” Among the privileged, according to the presentation, are people who identify as male, cisgender, heterosexual, heteroromantic, Christian, White, Western European, American, upper to middle class, thin/athletic build, able-bodied, or ages 30s to early 50s.

Among the oppressed groups, according to the presentation, are people who identify as Black, Asian, Latinx, non-Western European, LGBTQ+, homoromantic, Muslim, Jewish, working class, overweight, or disabled, among others.

After the training was completed, student employees were sent an email instructing them to “not share these materials with others.”

A JMU spokesperson told Fox News in a statement that the training was an “opportunity” for students who work in the Office of Student Affairs.

“The training was held to help ensure that every student guide for freshmen orientation had the tools and understanding to work with incoming students, who might have a different background than their own,” the statement read. “At JMU, we strive to create an inclusive and welcoming community for all students. We also seek feedback on the training to constantly work on improving how we communicate and train student staff members.”

Source: James Madison University trains students that Christians, White males are ‘oppressors’ | Fox News

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  1. Re: “James Madison University trains students that Christians, White males are ‘oppressors’” published by Fox News, August 19, 2021.

    To: James Madison University President

    I find it repugnant and dangerous that you allow the sort of untruths detailed in this article to be foisted on the incoming freshman class by coordinators Jessica Weed and Jennifer Iwerks. The University must retract all policies that support this destructive presentation of ideas because: they are unconstitutional under the 14th amendment, illegal because of the implied threat of physical and emotional harm to students, and psychologically destructive of those students’ presumption of on and off campus safety, which you have now seriously compromised and betrayed by allowing accusations against students based on their race, gender and religious affiliation that have been leveled at them through Ms. Weed and Ms. Iwerks’ lectures and video. Such accusations are also unconstitutional and a violation of equal protection under the law.

    If you do not immediately ban these false policies I will, in my capacity as a Virginia taxpayer to fund Virgin1a higher education, bring these issues to local and state authorities to compel your compliance by banning these policies and firing the named coordinators.


    Samuel H. Gillespie
    Springfield, VA