Janus-Obedient Dog Gets Yummy Reward

Jul 30, 2018 by

Mark Janus, the plaintiff in the notorious recent U.S. Supreme Court case named after him, has at the first chance he got, abruptly quit the job serving children he said he loved, rushed and jumped on board as a “senior fellow” to perform aggressive activist field-work for the extremist anti-union Illinois Policy Institute, a dicey outfit that financed Janus’s winning case. 
Prior to that victory, which subsequent triumphs by unions will render Pyrrhic, the IPI busted its butt in an attempt to abolish pensions for civil servants.
Mr. Janus, flush from his stale success, will now be map-trotting on missions as their ambassador of disinformation on matters of workers rights and the labor movement.
Janus always claimed to be driven by lofty motives of integrity and felt himself undeserving of the animus against him. He denied being a hard-nosed ideologue, insisting instead that he is a rational being who is not opposed to the existence of unions, but merely to their using members’ dues to fund political projects without their consent and in violation of their free-speech rights.
His rapturous and sleazy embrace of the Illinois Policy Institute doesn’t lend itself to the soft-peddling of his fanaticism, which is both underlying and at the surface of all his actions and expressions.
His goal is straightforward: to literally dismember labor unions and strip workers of any significant role beyond being obedient chattel.The Illinois Policy Institute praised Janus as a “workers rights advocate”. By the same token, Scott Pruitt is the champion of wildlife conservation. Their lack of shame is rivaled by their crass and distasteful irony.
It’s no coincidence or mass misunderstanding that all people in the United States who despise labor unions sanctify Janus and each and every friend of unions know him as a vile apostate.
Is Mark Janus an opportunist, an intellectual whore. am ambitious front-man, a publicity hound, the subject of a Pavlovian experiment, a Manchurian candidate?
Perhaps on some level it is indeed possible to be both a principled believer and a specimen of human sewage.
Ron Isaac
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