Jay Carney an embarrassment to his mother

Jul 22, 2013 by

Members of the White House Press corps laughed out loud Friday when White House Press Secretary Jay Carney tried to tell them that the amnesty bill currently being debated in Congress would “raise wages.”

When asked if immigration “was part of the economy,” Carney enthusiastically said, “It is!”

Carney then began saying, “In fact, comprehensive immigration reform,” but quickly interrupted himself to take a jab at the media. “I’m sure this is of interest to at least one reporter,” he quipped.

Carney continued, saying that the amnesty bill would “significantly reduce our deficit” and “raise wages.”

As soon as the Press Secretary said that wages would go up, the laughter of several reporters filled the room.

Jay Carney: In fact, comprehensive immigration reform–I’m sure this is of interest to at least one reporter–would significantly reduce our deficit, would expand economic growth, would raise wages–

[Audible laughter–one female reporter’s voice heard apologizing for the laughter]

Carney: –and would enhance our, you know, the creation of innovative businesses.

via WH Press Corps Laughs When Carney Says Amnesty Will ‘Raise Wages’.

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