Jeb Bush Exposed As Left-Leaner

Nov 10, 2015 by


“Jeb Bush Exposed As Left-Leaner”

By Donna Garner



Jeb Bush is amazing!  NOT!  He has managed to get the support of almost every LEFT-LEANING Texas leader still alive!  As I read through the list of Jeb Bush’s Texas supporters (11.9.15 – Texas Tribune), almost every person on this list (with a few exceptions) has contributed to the destruction of conservative values in our state.  


Many have stood in the way of securing our Texas borders so that they can continue using low-wage illegals to make these left-leaners wealthy.


Others have colluded with vendors/lobbyists to open the door to Obama’s takeover of our public schools.


Thankfully, we conservatives have managed to beat back many of their plans and have run a large number of them out of office, but the policies/legislation they managed to put into place while still in leadership positions have led to many of our state’s problems that we battle today.   


As I scanned over the list, I went back in my historical memory and remembered the corruption and cronyism in which various one participated.  Unfortunately, some are still participating in those endeavors and are still in office (e.g., House Speaker Joe Straus). I guess they hope to put Jeb Bush in the White House so they can retain their power and move our country to the left.


For those people who live in other states, let me assure you that for Jeb Bush to get the support of the Texans on this list is not a positive campaign strategy. All that this list does is to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jeb Bush is not a conservative Republican and that he has surrounded himself with left-leaning elitists, of whom he is one.    


May God help us as a nation if Jeb Bush were elected to the White House and put these crony capitalists in places of power.  


Please see the Jeb Bush-Texas crony capitalist list by going to: 11.9.15 – “Jeb Bush Unveils Texas Leadership Committee” – by Patrick Svitek – Texas Tribune





Donna Garner

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