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“Jeb Bush Has Invaded the Dept. of Education”

By Donna Garner





I hold no personal animus toward Sect. of Education Betsy Devos, and I have heard from people who know her that she is a very fine person. However, I believe the reason she is deeply disliked by many grassroots parents is because she has surrounded herself with absolutely the wrong counselors – those such as Jeb Bush who helped Obama force the Common Core Standards Initiative into almost every school in America!  




Obama’s purpose had nothing to do with raising students’ academic achievement (which Common Core certainly has not done; assessments from across the country are documenting declines in student progress).  Obama’s real purpose was to indoctrinate America’s youth into the social justice agenda; and we have to admit that students taught in the last eight years under Common Core [Type #2] may not have mastered their course work, but they have certainly mastered their abilities to cause chaos through their community organizing expertise!  To our country’s detriment, personal opinions, emotions, and feelings [Type #2] have become the drivers of our nation’s youth instead of sound reason built upon a large body of factual knowledge [Type #1].




Jeb Bush’s purpose in pushing Common Core [Type #2] was because he wanted to gain personal wealth and political power, thus furthering the influence of his organization — Foundations for Excellence in Education.  Again, we have to admit he has been very successful; and he has wormed his way right into the Dept. of Education with his career pathways/workplace competencies/career development/worker bees philosophy of education. Jeb Bush is not called “the Waterboy for the Chambers of Commerce” for nothing!




Our country needs all high school graduates to have been taught solid content knowledge and skills [Type #1] so that they are equipped to make “choices” in life.  We need an educated workforce and electorate.  We do not want students to be locked into one career pathway where they have been taught specialized and “dumbed down” subject content.  Heaven help them if their particular career pathway should be obliterated because of some new invention or technological advancement!  


Let’s take the iPhone as an example – such a tremendous technological breakthrough.  However, just by the invention of this one technological advancement with its seemingly unlimited functions, it has almost decimated the following products and the jobs of the workers who produce them: tape recorders, alarm clocks, weather thermometers, calendars, cameras, hard-copy books/novels, notepads, maps, pulse machines, retail stores, radios, calculators, flashlights, newspapers, stock market reports, weather reports, hard-copy newspapers, musical instruments, movie reviews, notepads, sleep noise machines, filing cabinets, computers, etc. 




The following chart defines the two philosophies of education, and there are only two. They cannot be mixed any more than oil and water can be mixed. By our familiarizing ourselves with Type #1 vs. Type #2, we can easily categorize organizations, associations, people, curriculum, textbooks, digitized instructional materials, assessments, education standards, politicians, vendors, lobbyists, teachers, school administrators, teacher training, and consultants.


If only Sect. of Education Betsy DeVos knew and understood the differences and the consequences of Type #1 and Type #2, she would separate herself from Type #2, Common Core, Jeb Bush, and Obama acolytes:


11.4.13 — Type #1 vs. Type #2 Chart —





6.27.18 — Breitbart


“Senate Approves Jeb Bush’s Former Lt. Governor for Top Education Department Post”

By Dr. Susan Berry

Excerpts from this article:

The Senate has approved Jeb Bush’s former lieutenant governor for the top U.S. Education Department post of assistant secretary of K-12 education.

Frank Brogan was confirmed by the Senate Monday as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos continues to expand her department with colleagues of the former Florida governor who was a champion of the Common Core standards, amnesty for illegal immigrants, and school vouchers.


DeVos congratulated Brogan on his confirmation to the new role overseeing elementary and secondary education in the United States.

“Frank has spent much of his career tirelessly working on behalf of America’s students,” said DeVos. “As a former public school teacher and administrator, I know he will be vital to our work here at the Department. I am delighted to finally have him on our team.”


*Please read the rest of Dr. Susan Berry’s well-written but disturbing article at:







6.22.18 — Link to petition to stop the merger of the Dept. of Ed with the Dept. of Labor – PLEASE SIGN BY JULY 24, 2018:



To see Congressman Thomas Massie’s bill (H. R. 899 Introduced on 2.7.17) to abolish the USDOE, please go to:

Congressman Massie’s bill is one sentence long: “The Department of Education shall terminate on December 31, 2018.”



6.26.18 – “Merger of Education and Labor Departments Meets Criticism”  — By Alex Newman — Freedom Project —



6.22.18 – “Upon further review, don’t merge the Education and Labor departments” – by Neal McCluskey – Washington Examiner —





6.24.18 — “Don’t Replace American Dream with American Nightmare Job: Stop Merger of Dept. of Ed and Dept. of Labor — by Donna Garner –—


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