Jeb Bush’s Filthy Lucre

Jul 2, 2015 by


“Jeb Bush’s Filthy Lucre”

by Donna Garner



Jeb Bush’s federal tax returns were revealed yesterday; and according to today’s Associated Press article, Jeb Bush gave less than 2% to charities, has a net worth between $19 M to $22 M, and is in the top 1% of taxpayers. 

Jeb Bush is not what is called “a common man” no matter what he says nor how he tries to portray himself dressed in casual clothes on the campaign trail. 

Much of Jeb Bush’s wealth has come from his organization, Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE).  FEE has helped to implement Common Core legislation and to promote education policies in Florida and in other states that would benefit for-profit companies and other business lobby organizations that donate to FEE.  

In other words, much of Jeb Bush’s wealth has come from foisting Common Core on our country.  I would call that money “filthy lucre,” and it has been made by Jeb Bush on the backs of our nation’s students who are now struggling for academic survival under Common Core.

As the various pieces of Common Core have been rolled out in our country, more and more people have begun to understand that Common Core not only dumbs down society; but it also indoctrinates students into Obama and Hillary Clinton’s shared social justice agenda.

Because Jeb Bush has helped to push this Common Core agenda, instead of the headline reading “Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton,” it should more aptly read, “Team 2016: Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.”  


Donna Garner

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    Jeb Bush is just like the rest of all politicians, they only look out for themselves. They don’t look after the country or the people. Anytime they open their mouths is a damn lie.
    What we need in this country right now is people that have never been and never want to be politicians. The people need to come in fix what is wrong I get back out! We don’t need professional politicians. At this point politicians are five times worse than the lawyers that we have. I would say 95% of all politicians are lawyers. This is why we don’t know the definition of is is. To make this country great once again. We need to get rid of 99.9% of all lawyers and politicians. Just look at what just happened in the spring court.

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