Jeremy Corbyn launches battle to stop tuition fee cap being lifted

May 19, 2016 by

Using hashtag #ToryPriceTag, Labour leader starts petition against Cameron’s plans, which he calls a ‘tax on learning’

Jeremy Corbyn has launched a campaign to stop David Cameron lifting the cap on university fees, starting with a petition and the hashtag #ToryPriceTag.

The Labour leader said his party would offer no support for the proposals published this week, which could involve linking what institutions can charge to the quality of their teaching.

Corbyn would like to abolish tuition fees by raising £10bn of taxes on high-earners or businesses and promised to work to stop the limit of £9,000 being scrapped.

Speaking in the Commons, he said: “Students today are more in debt than ever. I want to make it clear to the prime minister that he will not get any support from these benches on raising tuition fees.

“This government is penalising students, announcing the abolition of maintenance grants last year and now announcing that fees will be raised even further. This is a tax on learning, as [George Osborne] the chancellor of the exchequer called it in 2003, from a government that cut taxes on capital gains.

Source: Jeremy Corbyn launches battle to stop tuition fee cap being lifted | Education | The Guardian

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