New Jersey offers workshops to help teachers engage students

Aug 25, 2014 by

In the first segment of a three-hour workshop on improving classroom discussion and engaging students, more than 50 teachers watch a five-minute video of a fifth-grade social studies teacher leading a discussion on Lewis and Clark.

Presenter Anthony Fitzpatrick asks his audience to comment on the class. They note the teacher and students are sitting in a circle on the floor, and that the teacher often answers questions with a question. It’s empowering the students, says one teacher. It’s very student-centered, says another.

Fitzpatrick, who is roaming the front of the conference room in the Somerset County administration building in Somerville, practically jumps in delight.

“Yes, let’s use student-centered as a watchword, to focus our planning,” said Fitzpatrick, an implementation manager at the Department of Education.

The 38-year-old Fitzpatrick has crisscrossed the state this summer, driving from his Haddon Township home to just about every corner of the state to deliver “Improving Discussion, Questioning and Student Engagement” to almost 2,000 teachers.

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