New Jersey parent exposes Islam indoctrination in middle school textbook

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ROXBURY, N.J. – A New Jersey mother has dissected a middle school textbook she believes indoctrinates students into Islam under the guise of world history, and she wants it out of schools.

Laurel Whitney is spearheading growing parental opposition to the textbook “History Alive! Medieval World and Beyond” that’s used at Eisenhower Middle School in Roxbury, New Jersey, among numerous other schools, Tap Into Roxbury reports.

Last week, she sent outlined her objections for school officials in a professional 30-page presentation that lays out exactly how the text skews history in favor of Islam, and the disturbing authors behind the text.

Whitney broke her findings down into three topics: violence, bias and religious preaching.


This book contains overly graphic descriptions of hearts being cut out, beheadings and suicides. These actions almost seem to be glorified, rather than condemned or reported objectively. Revenge and honor killings are also glorified as is the concept of martyrdom, suffering death due to one’s religious beliefs or sense of honor. It also provides tips to prepare and train for violence, pain and surprise attacks. The book even goes as far as to provide a homemade bomb-making ingredients list which any child can purchase with a $50 Amazon gift card and have left over money to buy a few packs of gum.

It’s shocking that the school is willing to risk a child actually building this textbook-guided bomb. Between the impressionable and volatile age of these children and example after example of using violence to solve problems, not to fear death and preparing for pain, this can be a recipe for disaster.


First it seems odd that this book would even include a unit on Islam since they are obviously highlighting the Medieval lives of people from different nationalities or regions such as the Romans, West-Africans, Americans, Chinese and Japanese. Last time I checked, Islam is a religion and not a nationality. Why didn’t they name the unit “People of the Mid-East” or “People of the Arabian Peninsula” instead of identifying them by religion adding inconsistency amongst the units?

Whitney pointed out the chapter on Islam describes “Jihad” and “Sharia Law” in an entirely favorable light, omitting all violence. She also pointed out that slavery, child marriage, taxes, polygamy and arranged marriages were discussed in depth in other societies, yet omitted from the Islam unit.

She wrote:

It is common knowledge that Mohammed often used violence to accomplish his goals as did his followers. … (O)ne of Mohammed’s eleven wives, Aisha, was only 6 years old meanwhile only his 40 year old wife, Khadija, was mentioned. Mohammed’s family also owned slaves. Numerous times it was stated as fact that Jews, Christians lived peaceful under Muslim rule, but failed to mention that they were heavily taxed and treated like second-class citizens. How is all this omitted in the 6 whole chapters dedicated to Islam?

Whitney offers her theory.

A major contributing scholar for this book is Dr. Ayad al-Qazzaz who is a professor at Cal State Sacramento and known to be Anti-Israel, Anti-American, boycott Israel (BDS) supporter and conspiracy theorist. His 1975 college thesis was on changing portrayal of Islam in textbooks so he had this planned for a long time. You can … listen to some of his rhetoric on YouTube regarding malicious military plans of the US, Israel provoking attacks and the US “occupying Iraq.” You can also look up Phillipe Buc, another contributing scholar, who blames Christianity for all of the terror in the world today.

As far as the religious preaching, Whitney points to a teacher’s guide for the text that sends students to a Saudi Embassy website with the Quran, and other resources for studying Islam. The workbook also “includes many exercises involving Muslim prayers, including having children write the prayer to convert to Islam, the Shahadah …”

“Why is this different than a school handing out bibles?” she asked.

Whitney’s concerns echo complaints from parents across the country with lessons aligned with the federally supported Common Core national standards. There’s virtually a parent revolt against lessons on Islam in Tennessee schools. But school officials in Roxybury don’t seem very concerned, and Roxybury assistant superintendent Radulic dismissed Whitney’s concerns in a Nov. 9 email.

“Your passion for the issue is evident, and I do appreciate your concerns for the safety of the students,” Radulic wrote, according to Tap Into Roxbury. “The supervisor, building principal, Board Members, and I have had several meetings to discuss your concerns.  At this point we do not believe eliminating the textbook is the appropriate road.”

Whitney pressed the school board at a recent meeting and board president Theresa D’Agostino said the book is currently “under investigation.”

D’Agostino reportedly told the public “if the book is still there, that will be the result of our investigation.”

Whitney’s husband drew a loud applause when he explained why he believes it’s critical the school board ditch the book.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I truly hope that you treat this as the most important thing you do,” he said. “We tend to think of threats as guns and knives. Hearts and minds are more important.”

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