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from a far place

An Interview with Jesse Simpson: From a Far Place

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

1) Jesse first of all can you tell us a bit about yourself and your education and experiences?

I am currently eighty-one years of age. I have a high school education. Everything I have accomplished during my life has been through research and study on my own. I served two years in the Army during nineteen fifty-six and fifty-eight as a radio operator. I’ve worked in IT most of my life writing programs for mainframe computers. I have enjoyed photography using Photoshop, writing short articles for my own amusement as hobbies.

2) When did you first write the book “From a Far Place “?

I started writing the book to leave to my children and grandchildren with no intention of it being published. I worked on it as new ideas came to me, so it took years. When the first draft was finished, I let my wife and a friend read it. They encouraged me to self-publish it. I contacted Bookstand Publishing and the work really began. The people there were helpful and happy to work with me. The book was finished and finally published in September of 2012.

3) It seems that we all have a lot of misery, death, despair to go thru- what seems to make the difference?

I think it has to do with our faith in God. We are just passing through this life. Depending upon Him and the friends He gives us, will see us through these trials.

4) Our friends seem to be particularly important in our journey thru life.

Your thoughts on this topic?

My wife and I have some awesome friends. They are such a blessing to us. And we try to be to them. My wife and I have shared dinner with four other couples for almost thirty years, moving from home to home each month. We have traveled to France, England and Scotland together as a group, and still speak to each other! We always pray for each other, especially during times of sickness or grief.

5) Men and women seem to deal with grief, death, despair differently. What insights do you have in this regard?

Perhaps men are more stoic, whereas women tend to be more vulnerable to despair. However, this is not always true. The death of Gabe’s friend, Rudy in chapter thirteen of the book shows examples of different reactions to death and despair. Gabe was trying to be strong to support his brother, Mathew during his meltdown. Gwen, after gaining control of her emotions, was trying to support Rudy’s parents even though she and Rudy had planned be married.

6) Our family is often the one constant that we can depend on. Why do we have to nurture this social support system?

Family is the first thing we have, after being born. It is our support from those who love us. We must support the family to maintain a growing love relationship.

7) Who are the main heroes of your book? And what is singular about them?

Gabe: Always kind, respectful and caring.

Eve: Sweet, loving and giving.

Rudy: The comic.

Dannie: The nut case.

8) Do you have a web site where readers can get more information?

I do not have a web site. Jesse Simpson: From a Far Place

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