Jews to flee UK if LGBT agenda forced on faith schools

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An Orthodox campaigner is warning the British government that if it moves forward with plans to promote LGBT lifestyles to children in faith-based schools, thousands of Jewish families will leave the United Kingdom.

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Shraga Stern – a father and Charedi activist – had a letter written by attorneys on his behalf to British Education Minister Nick Gibb, outlining the lawlessness of the government’s power grab in the school system.

“[The letter serves as a warning that] draft guidelines requiring schools to ‘actively promote’ same-sex relationships and alternative lifestyles as ‘equally valid’ would breach religious freedom provisions under European human rights law,” Breitbart News reported.

Parental rights over kids usurps governments’

As a father of seven children between the ages of two and 12, Stern asserted that the government does not trump a parent’s right to instruct his or her own children on human sexuality.

“[I]n the Orthodox Jewish world, it falls to parents or legal guardians – and not to schools – [to teach children about sex and relationships],” Stern contended to government officials, according to the UK’s

Stern – the director of a London-based construction firm – went on to draw a bold line between tolerance and the propagation of alternative ungodly lifestyles.

“My father taught me about relationships at the appropriate time – I want to do the same,” Stern expressed, according to the UK’s Sunday Times. “We do not want sex education taught in schools. We are tolerant of different lifestyles, but we do not promote them.”

LGBT agenda overtaking UK schools

More than a year ago, it was declared that the British government was officially promoting transgender lifestyles in schools across the UK.

“Proactive Transgender agenda [is] established in British schools by [the] government,” Breitbart News London tweeted in December 2017.

Just months later, it was tweeted that the British government’s education system was indoctrinating students with an anti-Christian leftist agenda.

“Education chief demands schools promote ‘muscular liberalism,’ hits out at Christians,” Breitbart London tweeted in February 2018.

Instead of merely informing students about alternative lifestyles, it is contended that the British government is illegally pushing LGBT behaviors on students as something good and acceptable.

“Department of Education advice, which demands ‘homosexuality, same-sex relationships and gender reassignment’ be introduced in the classroom with the ‘active promotion of respect,’ is described as ‘morally unacceptable and unlawful’ by representatives of Mr. Stern in their 19-page letter, which claims thousands of Orthodox Jews will have to leave Britain if the rules are put into effect,” Breitbart London’s Virginia Hale informed.

Lawyers for Stern argue that the LGBT indoctrination program is geared to challenge and discount the teachings of students’ faith on the subject of sexuality.

“The Draft Advice goes beyond requiring toleration, and in effect challenges the very essence of religious belief,” Stern’s attorneys wrote, according to Jewish News.

It was also pointed out in the letter that the British education system’s teachings on human sexuality attack and oppose the core principles behind the ethical worldview taught by Jewish Scripture in faith-based schools.

“We note, in particular, the phrase that different ways of life may be ‘equally valid,’” attorneys insisted in their letter. “Belief in God and in a religious way of life distinguishes between action that is morally good and action that is sin.”

Can’t touch LGBT agenda in UK?

British Chief Inspector of Schools Amanda Spielman dismissed complaints waged against the pro-LGBT draft guidelines, contending that the 2010 Equality Act mandates the promotion of LGBT lifestyles in classrooms – noting that there is no exemption for faith-based schools – including private Jewish schools.

“We know a gay child might be born into any town, any family, any time,” Spielman explained, according to Breitbart. “[The guidance was] about making sure every child has the chance to grow up with the right level of information [and] … access to the kinds of conversation or support they might want.”

Spielman’s pro-LGBT agenda in British schools was also witnessed back in 2017, when her organization targeted and condemned a Jewish school for allegedly harming students by not promoting the LGBT lifestyle to its students.

“Ofsted, the British schools watchdog led by Ms. Spielman, [claimed that it] failed a private Jewish girls’ school, claiming its pupils – aged eight and under – were being denied ‘a full understanding of fundamental British values’ as a result of the north London institution’s failure to teach about homosexuality and gender reassignment,” Breitbart London reported in September 2017.

Source: Jews to flee UK if LGBT agenda forced on faith schools

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