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The Chick With Pits, Inc

An Interview with Joanna Goodman: The Chick with Pits

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

1) First of all, tell us about yourself and how you got involved in what you do.

Hello. My name is Joanna Goodman and I am the CEO and co-founder of The Chick With Pits, Inc. I first became involved in animal rescue at a young age where I would bring home sick, small animals and rehabilitate them. It became apparent that my calling in life was to be an advocate for animals. I worked for over a decade in the pet industry and followed my husband during his time in the US Air Force. When the time came to move on from the Air Force, we began working on a plan to start an animal rescue organization. “The Chick With Pits” was our way to honor the memory of one of our animals we lost, while helping other animals find forever homes. Our rescue is run from our home, but we are working towards our long term goal of a 60-kennel facility and sanctuary.

2) Most individuals have heard about the ASPCA (Association for the Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Do you work with this organization? If not, how are you funded?

Our rescue is a private 501©3 organization and we do not work directly with the ASPCA. On a few occasions, we have sought their assistance with animal abuse situations.

As a private organization, our funding comes from generous donations and our fundraising efforts. Our base of supporters is growing every day and we are thankful for every penny, dog blanket, and bag of food they can donate. Our fundraising efforts include boarding, doggie daycare, and grooming. We also have a handful of talented individuals who donate products and services that we can auction off to help to support our mission.

3) Do you come in contact with the police at all?

Other than adopters who are in law enforcement, we have not had any interactions with the police. In the future, we do want to offer dog training for rescue animals because many law enforcement professionals are starting to use pit bulls as working dogs.

4) How did you first get started in terms of working with animals?

I always felt a closer connection with animals than with people. Growing up, we were always moving around and I never really had a chance to establish long-term friendships, but the animals were always there. As I got older, my first job was working in a small pet shop, which led to grooming, boarding, and now our rescue operation.

5) Where exactly are you located and do you have a web page?

We are located about 45 minutes northeast of Dallas, Texas in a city called Caddo Mills. Our Website is and our Facebook Page is

6) What have I neglected to ask?

“How do I adopt one of your animals?”

Through the help of other great organizations, we can adopt animals to anyone anywhere. We have done adoptions in Oklahoma, Alabama, Louisiana, Oregon, and all throughout Texas.

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