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The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America

The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America

This book does well at showing that not only are the Communist Chinese a threat to our country, but they are also being used to advance a globalist agenda.
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China: The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America, by Arthur R. Thompson, Appleton, Wisconsin: The John Birch Society, 2020, 132 pages, paperback. See page 32 to order the book.

Art Thompson’s latest book, China — The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America, is the perfect addition for those who have read Michael Pillsbury’s The Hundred-Year Marathon: China’s Secret Strategy to Replace America as the Global Superpower and/or Jonathan Ward’s China’s Vision of Victory. But one doesn’t need to have read those books on China to get a lot out of this one.

Neither Pillsbury nor Ward tells the whole truth about the main problem facing America. The main problem isn’t China. It isn’t even the exaggerated COVID pandemic. It’s not the violence in the cities that has been planned, organized, and funded by elites supporting Antifa or BLM. The problem is the Deep State’s infiltration of nearly every major cultural and governmental entity in its attempt to establish a world government. What’s missing from Pillsbury’s and Ward’s books — worthy and valuable as they have been in awakening many — is the C-word: conspiracy.

Thompson, on the other hand, has no problem discussing such issues. An author, researcher, historian, scholar, and CEO of The John Birch Society for the past 15 years, he spends 125 pages filling in the blanks left by Pillsbury and Ward.

The guts of the work explain that there is, and has been for many years, a movement by forces to subvert the Republic and merge it with every other nation on the planet under a world government run by them. The globalist groups claim that a centralized government run by them will fairly spread health, wealth, and power — the same thing every communist government in history has promised, and failed to deliver.

Thompson points out that the lead groups in the globalist cabal are the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and its sisters, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group. Their goal: “the establishment of a one-world government to be ruled by them [the CFR], and the elimination of God from the lives of the people.”

Both Pillsbury and Ward are certainly aware of the influence of the groups, but chose to stay virtually silent about them. Pillsbury is a member of the CFR, but claims he rethought his position when he saw that efforts to convert the Chinese Communist Party into a Western democracy had failed, despite CFR claims that China would change. Ward is a young, brilliant scholar who is also a CFR member, yet he gives a single irrelevant notation to the group in his index.

So both know of the CFR’s role in bending America to its will, but have left any discussion of its importance to others, such as Thompson.

Thompson calls his book a “short overview” of the current attempt to subvert our Republic. The CFR, he says, hopes to make America submit to world government by first turning it into a democracy (instead of a country that protects the rights of individuals through strict adherence to the rule of law) and then pushing, in its last days, a mobocracy, leading to a dictatorship. China is merely a pawn, a tool, in that generations-long effort.

Thompson reveals the fraud in globalist promises: “If we just trade with them and treat them as honest human beings, somehow they will change.”

His book is designed as a “wake-up call.” And he contends, “Americans supplied the rope to hang themselves with while being sold on the idea that trade would bring peace.”

He reminds his readers that it was the uber-socialist Henry Kissinger (who just turned 97 in May) who “sold the idea that trade would change the communist leadership, serve as a bulwark against evil Russian communism, and change China into a capitalist state.” President Nixon, a Republican, took his cue from Kissinger, making “a great show of flying to China, meeting with the communist leadership, and basically saying we could get along with China.”

Later, NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement, signed in 1994) helped the process along: It “helped accelerate the movement of manufacturing jobs out of America, indirectly to China through Mexico at first, then finally directly into China from the U.S.” NAFTA, says Thompson, “was more of a platform for merging North America into a single country than it was a trade deal, and Kis-singer knew it.”

Added to our suicidal trade policy, Thompson notes, is our equally bad immigration policy. A high priority for glob-alists has been unlimited immigration to essentially erase borders and countries’ sovereignty, including those of the United States.

To start, he says, “One of the problems with immigration is that, over time, it can change the society into which the immigration is occurring if the number of immigrants is large enough. The sheer numbers will eventually alter the existing society into one that more resembles the background of the immigrants.”

And present legal immigration standards allow in Chinese citizens who are trained as spies to infiltrate, steal, and pass on technology and military secrets to their masters. Writes Thompson: “Hidden among those seeking a better life are a number of Chinese agents infiltrating the U.S. How many is unknown.” Present estimates are that there are nearly 500,000 Chinese students in U.S. universities who have come legally into the United States with student visas.

Various “initiatives” such as Confucius Institutes give the Chinese Communist Party “total control of staffing and curriculum … in over 80 colleges and 500 high school classrooms around America.” They are used “to see that [Chinese students there] do not deviate from the policies of the Chinese government, and [in addition] disseminate Chinese propaganda.”

These initiatives have borne fruit, says Thompson:

According to The New American online article by Luis Miguel on February 13, 2020, “Trump Administration Investigating Harvard/Yale Links to Chinese Money,” a Harvard professor, Charles Lieber, received monies from China through a program through which the communist country recruits foreign experts to contribute their skills and knowledge to Chinese projects, rewarding them for stealing “proprietary” knowledge.

Concludes Thompson:

China uses all of the foregoing examples, and much more, to build this web of subversion and carry out the theft of American research for its military and industrial structures.

Then there’s the problem with Chinese purchases: When Chinese Communists are allowed to purchase property and businesses in the United States, they gain a political advantage. “A natural byproduct of Chinese coming into local communities and buying up property and businesses is that it increases Chinese influence on the local chambers of commerce and local politics,” Thompson says.

The Chinese communists haven’t failed to take advantage of the opportunity, buying into media organizations in order to influence them in favor of the communists running China. An example is the purchase of the U.S. journalism company Politico, which writes about the direction of U.S. politics, purchased by the Chinese Communist Party-affiliated South China Morning Post.

China has been equally busy buying into Hollywood moviemakers and theater chains such as Legendary Entertainment, AMC Entertainment, Lionsgate, Carmike Cinemas, Odeon and UCI Cinemas, Universal, and 20th Century Fox to influence U.S. public opinion.

Thompson provided an example of the propagandizing:

In mid-2020, the taxpayer-funded PBS and its affiliates across the country aired a movie called “Voices from the Frontline: China’s War on Poverty.” Co-produced by CGTN [the China Global Television Network], it was controlled by the Chinese communist government and purported to show that China was eliminating poverty all over China, while at the same time praising the dictator of China, Xi Jinping, stating, “To President Xi Jinping, ending poverty is his most important task.”

As well, China is devoting massive energy and effort into hacking into U.S. websites, according to Thompson: “China’s ‘hacker army’ is estimated to be between 50,000 and 100,000 people under the supervision of the People’s Liberation Army.” Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei, “served as an engineer in the People’s Liberation Army during the Cultural Revolution” (1966-1976), and a study of the company “indicates that they mean to not only dominate but to control the world’s means of” communications.

And China’s massive effort to become the global leader in developing 5G capabilities hasn’t been missed either:

If they dominated 5G they would be able to censor the entire world, plant false information, control the ability of businesses to operate, shut down opposition, implant propaganda, etc. — not to mention building a real Big Brother system of thought control, influencing how Americans think and vote.

In a chapter titled “Economic Convergence,” Thompson points out that 40 Chinese banks operate in America, adding:

The fact that there are so many Chinese “owned” banks operating in America is an indication of just how much the Chinese communists have infiltrated our economy, with the use of loans and Chinese imported materials in the construction of our infrastructure and business community. Yet it goes nearly unnoticed.

At the end of his treatise, Thompson tells how to break the globalists’ hold on our country.

Thompson’s China — The Deep State’s Trojan Horse in America is another excellent tool in the arsenal of Americanists dedicated to returning the heavily damaged and infiltrated Republic to its former glory. It should serve that purpose well.

Source: Joe Biden Unmasked – The New American

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