Joe Biden’s Boosters Wrote His Prodigal Son’s Entire Resume

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“Joe Biden’s Boosters Wrote His Prodigal Son’s Entire Resume”

By Paul Sperry, RealClearInvestigations


[COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  As you read this, I want you to think about the group of Republicans (many from past Presidential administrations) who have aligned themselves in support of Joe Biden, calling themselves The Lincoln Project.  We have all wondered why they could possibly support Joe Biden over Pres. Trump if they are supposedly Republicans.  Now we know.

In my mind after reading Sperry’s article, it becomes very clear that these Republicans-in-Name Only (RINO’s), the many leftist Dems, and their media cohorts do not want Trump, the “Great Shaker-Upper,” to expose the graft and corruption of Deep Swamp Joe Biden, his family, and their fellow enablers.  

No, Joe Biden is not a nice guy!

Paul Sperry’s article covers only Hunter Biden’s 24 years of profit-making since college but undoubtedly involves hundreds of under-the-table, spurious, and illegal transactions with officials from both parties.

The Biden Crime Family and their enablers (from both Parties) are hoping against hope that Pres. Trump loses so that all of this graft and corruption will be buried in the trash can of history never to be revealed again.

How exciting for those of us voters, who believe in the goodness of America, to see Pres. Trump and multitudes of conservative Republicans elected across the land so that the very next day they can begin their no-holds-barred, aggressive, and intentional efforts to drain the Deep Swamp completely.

People such as Paul Sperry and the  conservative members of Congress have already gathered the evidence. All they need to go forward is to gain the majority in both Houses and to have Donald Trump at the helm.

The responsibility is on us voters this Nov. 3, 2020.  We failed in 2018 by allowing Pelosi to gain control of the House. We must not fail this time.


“Joe Biden’s Boosters Wrote His Prodigal Son’s Entire Resume”

By Paul Sperry, RealClearInvestigations


Hunter Biden profited from his father’s political connections long before he struck questionable deals in countries where Joe Biden was undertaking diplomatic missions as vice president. In fact, virtually all the jobs listed on his resume going back to his first position out of college, which paid a six-figure salary, came courtesy of the former six-term senator’s donors, lobbyists and allies, a RealClearInvestigations examination has found…

One document reviewed by RCI reveals that a Biden associate admitted “finding employment” for Hunter Biden specifically as a special favor to his father, then a Senate leader running for president. He secured a $1.2 million gig on Wall Street for his young son, even though it was understood he had no experience in high finance. Many of his generous patrons, in turn, ended up with legislation and policies favorable to their businesses or investments, an RCI review of lobbying records and legislative actions taken by the elder Biden confirms.

That the 50-year-old Hunter has been trading on his Democratic father’s political influence his entire adult life raises legal questions about possible influence-peddling, government watchdogs and former federal investigators say. In addition, the more than two-decades-long pattern of nepotism casts fresh doubt on Joe Biden’s recent statements that he “never discussed” business with his son, and that his activities posed “no conflicts of interest.” 

No fewer than three committees in the Republican-controlled Senate have opened probes into potential Biden family conflicts. Investigators are also poring over Treasury Department records that have flagged suspicious activities involving Hunter’s banking transactions and business deals that may be connected to his father’s political influence. 

U.S. ethics rules require all government officials to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest in taking official actions. The Bidens have denied any wrongdoing.

While most of the attention on Hunter has focused on his dealings in Ukraine and China when his father was in the White House, he also cashed in on cushy jobs and sweetheart deals throughout his dad’s long Senate career, records reveal.

“Hunter Biden’s Ukraine-China connections are just one element of the Biden corruption story,” said Tom Fitton, president of the Washington-based watchdog group Judicial Watch, who contends Biden used both the Office of the Vice President and the Senate to advance his son’s personal interests.

In each case, Hunter Biden appeared under-qualified for the positions he obtained. All the while, he was a chronic abuser of alcohol and drugs, including crack cocaine, and has cycled in and out of no fewer than six drug-rehab treatment programs, according to published reports. He’s also been the subject of at least two drug-related investigations by police, one in 1988 and another in 2016,  according to federal records and reports. A third drug investigation resulted in his discharge from the U.S. Navy Reserve in 2014.

This comprehensive account of Hunter Biden’s “unique career trajectory,” as one former family friend gently put it, was pieced together through interviews with more than a dozen people, several of whom insisted on anonymity to describe private conversations, and after an in-depth examination of public records, including Securities and Exchange Commission filings, court papers, campaign filings, federal lobbying disclosures, and congressional documents.

Hunter Biden’s resume begins 24 years ago. Here is a rundown of the plum positions he has managed to land since 1996, thanks to his politically connected father and his boosters:


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