John Derbyshire: Campus Craziness Will Awaken Trump’s Silent Majority Like The ’68 Riots Did Nixon’s

Mar 11, 2018 by

Earlier, from 2016: Will The Anti-Trump Riots Help Elect Trump, The Way 1968 Rioting Helped Elect Nixon? (Answer: Yes)

In open, civilized societies there is a tolerance for some level of disorder, as being the price citizens collectively pay for their liberties.

But the key words in what I just said: “some level.” Today, in the year 2018, we are fifty years on from 1968, when public tolerance of disorder was tested to breaking point.

The event everyone remembers in this context: the Democratic Party convention in Chicago that August, that was marked by huge protests. (Pat Buchanan was there, and saw them!)

It had been a rough year, though, with riots all over after the assassination of Martin Luther King in April; then Robert Kennedy’s assassination in June.

And the upshot of it: the election of Richard Nixon—by what he was to call the Silent MajorityNixon took 32 states. George Wallace, another law’n’order candidate, took five more.

Americans had had enough of disorder.

Every time the Left stages some raucous protest I find myself wondering how long normal Americans will put up with this. How long before the reaction? How long before seasoned, skillful politicians respond to widespread desire for such a reaction?

And yes, yes, I know: There was something of that desire driving the result of the 2016 election. The winner there was not a seasoned, skillful politician, though. I say no more than that.

I found myself wondering that a lot this week. In just two days, this Monday and Tuesday, there were four instances of intolerant progressive mobs attacking harmless, unarmed individuals trying to express opinions the progressives disagreed with.

I’m casting my net Anglosphere-wide here. Two of these instances were in the U.S.A.; one was in Britain, the other in Canada. The pattern was the same, though. The intolerance, the slogans, the masks were the same. (Well, the rioters wore masks in three of the events.)

Source: John Derbyshire: Campus Craziness Will Awaken Trump’s Silent Majority Like The ’68 Riots Did Nixon’s | VDARE – premier news outlet for patriotic immigration reform

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