John Kasich Is in Love with Common Core

Mar 4, 2016 by

John Kasich

“John Kasich Is in Love with Common Core”

By Donna Garner



Utter hypocrisy on the part of John Kasich –


I have to admit that I almost choked when I heard John Kasich tonight in the Fox News Republican Debate go into an intense discourse about how much he stands for local control vs. federal government control.  


I found myself screaming at the TV saying, “John Kasich, where was this same strong belief in local control when you stood up time after time and praised the Common Core Standards Initiative?  Even after millions of Americans around the country began to realize to their horror that the Obama administration had taken over the control of their local schools through the Common Core Standards Initiative, Kasich was still out there singing praises of CCSI and saying that people who were against it must be hysterical.”  


Excerpts from these articles:


1.17.15 — “Ohio Gov. Kasich:  Common Core Resistance Is Hysteria” — By Dr. Susan Berry – Breitbart



Ohio Republican Gov. John Kasich does not believe his state lawmakers will repeal the Common Core standards, calling resistance to the controversial initiative “hysteria.”

Thea Shoemake, a parent grassroots activist who opposes the Common Core standards, said she finds Kasich’s statements about the standards nothing less than “ignorant.”

“Otherwise, if he is indeed still that ignorant after two years of national headlines, and repeal efforts in other states, then he has already handicapped himself out of the presidential pool,” she said. “I cannot see any GOP candidate who is on board with Race to the Top and Common Core, reaching the magic number of 270 electoral votes.”

“At this point, after shoving Medicaid expansion & Common Core down the throats of Ohioans, I’d say Gov. Kasich may indeed be a good fit as Hillary Clinton’s running mate,” Shoemake added.




5.5.15 – “Kasich Doubles Down in Favor of Common Core — Repeats False Talking Points” — By Jane Robbins – The Pulse


To the thousands of Common Core opponents in Ohio, Mr. Kasich’s continued repetition of talking points that are manifestly untrue illustrates his indifference to evidence that contradicts his preconceived notions – and his disdain for anyone with an opinion different from his.



8.20.15 – “Asking the State Educrat About Common Core Is Not Research” – by Shane Vander Hart — Truth in American Education —




9.14.15 – “John Kasich on Exploiting Student Privacy in Ohio:  ‘I have No Clue’” — By Dr. Susan Berry – Breitbart —


While Kasich was campaigning in New Hampshire, education liaison with Cornerstone Action Ann Marie Banfield asked him about his recent grade of “F” he received on the Common Core report cards… 


Kasich, an ardent champion of the Common Core standards, was graded on whether he helped to end the Common Core system, his protection of state and local decision-making, and his protection of child and family data privacy.




1.27.15 – “John Kasich’s Alternate Common Core Reality” – by Shane Vander Hart – Truth in American Education —


Ohio Governor John Kasich was on Fox News Sunday this weekend and he made some incredible claims about the Common Core State Standards.  Incredible enough that my jaw literally dropped.

Kasich who has been discussed as a prospective 2016 presidential candidate must be living in some alternate reality from the rest of us.


Ted Cruz Has Taken Action To Stop Common Core:


Donna Garner

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