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Nov 4, 2012 by

Ray Stevens

Michael F. Shaughnessy –

This week, hopefully, everyone will go to the ballot box and cast their votes about the last four years, and the next four years.

Voting is of course a privilege that not everyone in the world has. There are dictatorships and other forms of government around the world.

Since this is an education web site, obviously we are concerned about education, special education, and gifted education.

I have not heard much from either candidate about education. How much either person can influence education, I am not sure.

I do know about certain other things—like my check book. I try to avoid bouncing checks.  I like the people at the local credit union and the local banks and I do not want to get in trouble with them. Sometimes I make a mistake. I am human- but I try to avoid bouncing checks, and I try to avoid borrowing money- although emergencies sometimes do occur.

I know a little bit about health care- and I know my prescription medications have gone up 50 percent. That’s correct- 50 percent. And that is still for generics.

Anyway, I thought I would ask my good friend Ray Stevens to provide a little voting music—so here it is below :

And don’t forget to vote.

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