K-12 Textbook Reviewers Wanted in Florida

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By Bill Korach –

Florida Citizens Alliance, and Truth in Textbooks (TNT) have teamed up to fight objectionable textbooks in Florida K-12. According to a report by Citizens for National Security, Florida schools contain 25 Pro Islam- biased textbooks. Schools also use obscene materials, and some distinctly anti-American books such as “A People’s History of the United States” by Howard Zinn. Zinn famously stated on a television interview, that “The world would have been better off had America never existed.”


New Florida legislation now makes it mandatory for school districts to allow citizens to review textbooks and make recommendations to the school districts. Truth in Textbooks is looking for volunteers to take their course on textbook reviewing and then start reviewing textbooks county by county.


“Truth in Textbooks is starting our 4th year of training volunteers to help return “truth to textbooks” in our children’s classrooms around the country. We are approaching nearly 200 volunteers who have participated in our training. Training starts today


TNT has received official IRS 501c3 status.


If you would like to make a donation to help with our recurring costs, please send checks to

706 E. Blanco Rd

Boerne, TX 78006


We will be selecting a crowdfunding site soon for direct donations. TNT will also be making grant requests to several educational oriented non-profits.


TNT’s 2017 Annual Report can be found here outlining our history and accomplishments last year.



If you know of others who are interested in being a reviewer, please have them write to tnt.textbooks@gmail.com and indicated in the subject line, “More info on TNT REVIEWER”.


Updates on TNT Projects

Florida Textbook Review Update


Florida Textbook Review Callout for all TNT Trained Reviewers


TNT reviewers have been hard at it since 1 March when reviewers began reviewing several Florida social studies textbooks. With the help of volunteers from the Florida Citizens Alliance TNT gained access for several textbooks allowing our reviewers to conduct some reviews.


The access to those textbooks was for a very limited time but thanks to some hard work and expenditures by FLCA, these books were purchased and have been scanned to a readable .pdf to allow these reviews to continue.


We will continue to review more Florida textbooks in the coming weeks and months so please write to us at tnt.textbooks@gmail.com to express your interest in supporting. Our next round of reviews will begin in early to mid-April and we will need you for about 4 weeks. If you are available to dedicate your free time during this period to review textbooks, please write to us and let us know.




The reason is simple, Florida is the third largest purchaser of textbooks. Many states will choose textbooks used in Florida, Texas or California. It is imperative that Florida textbooks are evaluated and “graded” so others can know what is in the these textbooks. Please consider volunteering if not in April, sometime this summer. 




California Reviews Progress


All reviews have been completed and submitted to the CA State Board of Education. Testimony was given at the October public hearing but we have received no feedback from the publishers or the State. As we said all along, that was to be expected. Our goal is to clearly rate the books and educate individual school districts with the errors that were discovered and impact the purchasing of textbooks by influencing which books are published by the local school districts. 





TNT is doing this in two ways. TNT will have a booth at the 57th Annual Conference of California Council for the Social Studies in San Diego on March 23-25, 2018. TNT will pass out information on the 27 textbooks we reviewed along with the California Report Card with the individual ratings of each textbook. 


The cost for the event is $450. If you wish to donate to help offset this cost, please send your donation Truth in Textbooks, 706 E. Blanco Boerne, TX 78006




The second way TNT hopes to impact the purchasing of these textbooks is by having activists take the information found in our reviews along with the CA report card and lobby local school districts to purchase Good or “Acceptable” textbooks and avoid the purchase of “Poor” or “Unacceptable” rated textbooks. We will post the CA Report Card on our website www.truthintextbooks.com next week.

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