Kansas University Conservative Group Endures Second Round of SJW Abuse

Oct 2, 2016 by

By Emily Zanotti –

• A conservative student group at the University of Kansas again tried to hold a measured discussion with social justice warriors.

• The discussion quickly devolved into a one-way shouting match as the social justice warriors loudly denounced members of the Young America’s Foundation.

• Conservative students were jeered at to “go get your cigars” and to “shut the fuck up! No one wants to listen to your white man speech!”

•Social justice warrior Trinity Carpenter told the conservative students: ‘You misgendered my friends over and over again. And that’s when I shouted at you! And I have that humanity where I can shout when you come for me with hate speech in a room!” 

Students from the Young America’s Foundation at Kansas University made good on their promise to continue to pursue dialogue with the campus’s social justice warriors.

Their second effort ended as predictably as their first, as YAF members were again subjected to verbal abuse, berated, called “racist” and accused of spreading “hate on campus. Only this time, 25 returning SJW students were joined by a new group of 75 protesters intent on disrupting YAF’s event.

KU YAF made certain to take video.

Students also broadcast the meeting live on Facebook, so several angles of the protest are available.

Like the previous meeting, the student protesters shouted over YAF members attempting to hold a question and answer session, accusing the conservative students of “inciting violence” by holding a second meeting, and, subsequently, using the term “illegal” to refer to illegal immigrants.

“There was a Latina student in here and you said you wanted the freedom to say illegal, which no human being should be deemed illegal,” one of the returning protesters, Trinity Carpenter, yelled at the stage.

Protesters also claimed that YAF students had encouraged intolerance and racism on campus by making their previous video public, thereby exposing KU’s screaming social justice warriors to the Internet at large. Resulting commentary, they claimed, was “literal violence.”

“The rhetoric that you guys are using in your meetings and in your policies—your ideology—you are condoning violence directly against people,” one student argued in the above film.

Another protester claimed that YAF’s purpose was to “be here and remind us that we’re all fucking hated.”

KU YAF President Gabe Lepinski attempted to explain that the First Amendment protected even controversial speech from being silenced, imploring students not to shy away from arguments they find distasteful.

According to Campus Reform, Carpenter defended herself by shouting back, “I shouted when you said ‘blacks’, when you said ‘illegal’, when there should been a wall, you wanted the right to say ‘illegal,’ and you misgendered my friends over and over again!”

She continued, “I have that humanity where I can shout when you come for me with hate speech in a room! So I need you to know that.”

On a positive note, it appears the publicity has increased KU’s YAF chapter numbers.

Though it has made it more difficult for the group to locate a new faculty adviser.

KU YAF says it plans to continue to encourage a rational discussion about freedom of speech on KU’s campus. They say the will also continue to promote their ideas in what is now a contentious environment.

Source: Kansas University Conservative Group Endures Second Round of SJW Abuse

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