Will Karen Lewis button down campaign with some history?

Aug 31, 2014 by

The blue button . . .

The blue button is back!

Could the resurrection of the late Mayor Harold Washington’s 1983 mayoral blue campaign button . . . turn Mayor Rahm Emanuel red?

Could the legendary blue button, which became an inspiration for Barack Obama’s first campaign logo — a blue sun coming up over a red horizon — give Rahm a case of the jitters?

Sneed is told a cache of blue buttons was delivered as a gift to Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who has yet to decide whether she will run for mayor.

The buttons are already being worn by some of her supporters, but are they soon to head to the street?

“If Karen Lewis was smart, she’d get out those blue ‘Harold’ buttons Harold Washington used in 1982, 1983 and put her name on them,” said a top Dem stalwart.

“Once they started popping up all over the city, everybody seemed to want to have one and astute political observers knew then something was going on,” the source said.

“It became a progressive lure. A rallying cry. A lawn sign,” said a once powerful alderman who has since retired.

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