Karen Lewis’ union members can’t keep facts straight

Aug 22, 2014 by

The desk set . . .

Attention! Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, a former chemistry teacher, needs an eraser.

Last week, Lewis, who is eyeing a mayoral bid, told the Chicago Sun-Times she would make no “rookie mistakes” about campaign finance law.

It seems the same can’t be said of her facts.

◆ To wit: At her Tuesday night rally in Beverly, the event program was filled with glaring errors — prompting Sneed to wonder if Lewis needed to hire a campaign proofreader.

◆ Error No. 1: The event’s program claims Lewis was elected to her second term with 90 percent of the vote in May 2012.

◆ Fact: According to the CTU website, she was re-elected in May 2013 with 80 percent.

◆ Error No. 2: The program claims Lewis is executive vice president of the 70,000-member Illinois Federation of Teachers.

◆ Fact check: In fact, the IFT has a membership of 103,000.

◆ Error No. 3: The program claims Lewis helped publish a CTU study, “The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve,” in 2011.

◆ Fact: The study was actually published in 2012.

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