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Clear, Impactful Writing is not easy to Achieve

You cannot achieve clear, impactful writing overnight. It takes practice and effort to hone your writing skills. Even though impactful writing is not easy to achieve, there are a few guidelines you can follow to improve your writing in a short time.

These guidelines apply to any genre. Whether you are working on an essay for school, writing a novel, or blogging, these professional writing tipswill elevate your writing to a whole new level. Try two or three out, work on them for a couple of weeks, and then add others. You will begin to notice that your writing is improving. We promise!

Tips for Writing like a Pro

1. Know Your Audience

Before you embark on the writing process, it is important to identify your audience and take consider them before you put pen to paper. This will make your writing more effective. In fact, this is one of the key elements of impactful writing.

For instance, take a moment and think about how you would address some of the following groups of readers:

  • Your classmate
  • Your professor
  • Your best friend from high school
  • Your boss
  • A potential employer
  • An attorney handling your case

Writing to each of the above mentioned groups requires you to make a few changes. This includes what you say, what words you use, what tone you use, or whether you want to appear more knowledgeable than your reader.

Paul Anderson, content writer for, a loan broker in the UK says that when writing content for their sites loan products it can be very dull – A trick he uses is to use anecdotal stories of borrowers they’ve encountered in the past to make the content more engaging and personable and less commercial and droll.

2. Be Specific

Be specific in your writing by giving things the dignity of their names. Do not write “flower,” write “dandelion,” do not write “car,” write “Porsche.” Assert that writing becomes more powerful when each verb describes an exact action and each object has a specific name.

Compare the following two sentences:

a) The girl ate dinner.

b) The thirteen-year-old girl gobbled his chicken sandwich.

Notice how changing “girl” to “thirteen-year-old,” “ate” to “gobbled,” and “dinner” to “chicken sandwich” made the sentence come alive? Examine your writing and replace vague words with more specific words.

3. Do Not Settle for Your First Draft

All first drafts are boring. If you settle on your first draft, then you are settling for less than your best work. When you revise your first draft, you will notice that you will end up trimming a lot in editing. When you want to write like a pro, you must learn how to slice and dice your content to remain with a good final draft. You cannot always get it right the first time! So, do the hard work.

4. Write with Authority

If you want to be a pro writer, you must write with conviction. Write like you know what you are talking about. Omit the excessive use of phrases such as “I believe” or “I think.” Of course, you believe what you are writing. Just say it! If you write with authority, you will win your audience’s loyalty and trust.

5. Do Not Use Words You Do Not Know

Avoid phoniness at all costs. You can do this by avoiding the use of phrases and words that you read in a novel once and do not understand their meaning. Using such words will sound stilted,and you are likely to misuse them. To avoid phoniness, introduce new words into your vocabulary in moderation and ensure that you are accurately using them.

6. Use Figurative Language

Do not be afraid of throwing in a few metaphors and similes. They will make your writing as noticeable as a toddler wailing in a church. Or, give human characteristics to an idea or a place. For example, “The ancient mansion whimpered all night, wrinkles trickling down its dusty walls.

7. Get to the Point

Do not write more than you have to. Make your point and proceed with your writing. Readers want to get to the action. You can use descriptive words,but only enough to invite your reader into the scene. State your opinion, offer one or two strong examples, and then allow your reader to make up his or her own mind.

8. Get an Editor

Have another individual besides yourself go through your writing to check for errors in grammar, spelling, and syntax. This because you might be too invested in your writing; hence, you might miss some of the errors you might have made. You can also get editing services from write my essay companies and have your work edited and proofread by professional editors.

Remember, Practice Makes Perfect

The lesson is simple: When you practice writing, you become better at it. Even if your writing is not perfect, you candevelop expertise if you continue to practice. The more you write, the easier the writing process becomes and the result is more impactful writing.

Above are eight valuable tips that will guide you on how to write professionally. Following them will simplify the writing process and make you a better writer in no time.

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