Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s war on public education

Aug 3, 2018 by

What is Gov. Matt Bevin trying to achieve by taking over Kentucky’s public education system and promoting publicly funded charter schools?

What is the difference between Kentucky’s governor and an absolute monarch? Lately, not much.

Gov. Matt Bevin has spent his term trying to remake state government in his image. King Matt doesn’t feel constrained by laws or time-tested rules and practices. And woe be unto any legislator, constitutional officer, judge, journalist or school teacher who questions his omnipotence. He will smite them with a word salad of insults.

Bevin’s favorite target is education. He has aggressively tried to centralize power, diminish the role of professional educators and open the door for publicly funded charter schools. The big question: Why?

Bevin claims he wants to improve learning outcomes and efficiency. (One-man rule is nothing if not efficient.) Opponents say he is bringing politics back into public schools — a sad legacy the Kentucky Education Reform Act of 1990 sought to end.

Source: Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin’s war on public education | Lexington Herald Leader

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