Key Digital Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2021 and Beyond

Aug 17, 2021 by

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In 2020, small businesses experienced unforeseen challenges with the shutdowns, quarantine and the resultant losses. It was a hard year that brought out the efforts and resilience to be nimble to keep the business afloat. Many small businesses expedited their digital transformation that benefitted both the customer and the business. 

All through the turmoil, there emerged certain key digital marketing trends that will have more leverage in the way small businesses operate in 2021. Let’s find out more about these trends and how they will impact small businesses. 

Rapid Digitization 

The pandemic led to accelerated digitization initiatives among small businesses for improved customer interactions. Adapting to the times, small businesses are increasingly moving away from brick and mortar presence towards ecommerce. This transition is even seen in farming businesses with the setting up of integrated payment systems for better customer interactions. This year will witness small businesses continuing with digitalization as they build and maintain their online presence to compete with larger businesses operating in their lines of business.   

Adjacent Search

Search engine optimization (SEO) in digital marketing still remains an important factor to increase the chances of visibility of a brand in the marketplace.  However, the traditional method of getting a particular webpage to appear high on google search results for certain keywords may not be enough. Nowadays, most customers do detailed research of a company before doing business with them – a significant amount of the research is performed online. Hence, to rank a site, it is just not enough to have a few keywords for search; you may need to consider as many searches as possible related to your primary business.  Narrow down to a few key keywords and you will risk losing potential customers who are doing a search with terms that are similar but not identical to yours.  An increasing number of companies are tapping digital marketing experts to round off their online search profiles, and the trend looks pretty much to accelerate in the months ahead. These marketers graduate from the premium institutes in India offering digital marketing courses in Pune and digital marketing course in Mumbai with excellent syllabuses that are designed by industry experts.

Smart Bidding

While automated bidding on Google Ads is known to operate for a long time, the last couple of years have seen an increase in the popularity of Smart Bidding. Simply put, digital marketers can now bring to use the cutting-edge AI technology from Google to do all calculations of contextual date and predictions of conversions to maximize your bidding when the probability of conversion seems more likely. The contextual data can be the earlier performance of ads, user devices, the location, time of the day and many other factors depending on the query. As Google keeps refining its algorithm, Smart Bidding will find increased popularity among digital marketers these coming years. 

Conversational Marketing Gaining Momentum

As the pandemic continues unabated, internet traffic is witnessing a sharp rise of consumers engaging in conversations with businesses online. While it may seem a positive step, it has also generated a unique challenge for marketers. Conversational marketing is being experimented with by marketers to deliver personalized experiences aimed to gather customer feedback and insights. With the availability of Facebook’s cross-app communication features earlier this year, brands now find it much easier to reach customers through the social networking platform. There is going to be increased investment in conversational marketing as part of building brand loyalty and boosting sales. Chatbot and messenger services will be increasingly adopted by businesses as modes of customized communication with customers.

Looking Ahead

Let’s play it straight, in the past several years both small and medium businesses have been increasingly investing in digital marketing to integrate newer developments to remain more effective. The small businesses that keep up with the trends will stay ahead of the curve and will become stronger than ever before. 

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