Keys to creating a cool classroom culture

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classroom2By David Greene

If the school you work in or your child goes to doesn’t help teachers maintain what many authors and experts have identified as the five aspects of classroom culture, you are dead meat. They are Discipline, Engagement, Control, Influence, and Management (D.E.C.I.M.) Often misinterpreted, these five principles are the keys to a successful school and its classrooms.

Not only is it necessary to accurately define these principles; it is even more necessary to use them naturally. The order these are presented is not relevant. They are like the five fingers on a hand. Each does its own thing, but together they make a powerful fist.

Discipline: This is a misused word. Think not of disciplining students. Think of their self-discipline. Do they have the self-discipline to do the right thing, the right way, for the right reasons? Do they have the self control? Do they have the focus to follow the instructions? Can they understand the process? Do they know how to be students? If students don’t, they have to be taught. Who else but the classroom teacher will teach them how to be a successful student and class member? We cannot assume they already know. Most kids want to do well. They want to live up to high expectations given by someone they believe believes in them. However, as much as they might want to, they may not have a clue as to how to live up to those expectations. Sometimes, this even means teaching what may be mundane and obvious steps.

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