Your kids take 112 tests between pre-K and high school

Oct 25, 2015 by

If you live in a big city, your child probably took eight standardized tests this year. On average, kids sit through 112.3 tests between preschool and high school graduation, according to a new study.

Is that too much?

Rancor around standardized testing dominated headlines this year, with some parents protesting the number, duration and quality of tests students take. But as they rallied, opined and opted out, one question remained unanswered: Precisely how many tests do American students really take, and why?

To answer those questions, the Council of the Great City Schools and the Council of Chief State School Officers conducted a study on the state of testing in America today. The 164-page study released Saturday scrutinized testing in America’s biggest cities, and found redundancies in tests mandated by government at all levels.

“You’ve got different entities at differing levels requiring assessments for purposes that aren’t connected,” said Michael Casserly, who heads the Great City Schools group. “It just adds up to an incoherent disconnected system.”

Source: Your kids take 112 tests between pre-K and high school – LA Times

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