Kids, families deserve more

Aug 2, 2015 by


Ray Flynn –

All kids deserve a great education — whether it’s in a public or private school — and a forum last week in Boston celebrated the progress that’s being made, especially in Catholic schools.

The Pioneer Institute, a leading research center, hosted the forum, and educational experts such as Kathy Mears, the superintendent of Catholic schools, Dr. Nancy Shultz, an author and expert on school choice, Tom Gosnell, president of the Mass Teachers Union, and Cara Candal, a professor at Boston University, took part.

But while we took note of the achievements in public and private education in Massachusetts, I pointed out we could be doing a lot more for deserving families in our cities who can’t afford the tuition costs at some of our Catholic schools. There are business leaders like Jim Carmody of the Seaport Hotel, who does a great job at Cathedral High School in the South End, but not 
every school has a champion like him.



Source: Flynn: Kids, families deserve more | Boston Herald

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