Our Kids’ Future Under Hillary ‘Would Be Awfully Dark’

Oct 7, 2016 by

Pediatrician, mom, and grandmother makes passionate case for voting for Trump, imperfections and all

by Meg Meeker, MD –

With the vice presidential debate behind us, let us hope that now we can hear more about, and focus on, the specific changes the GOP will offer us if Donald Trump gets elected. Seeing a measured and calm — and very vice presidential — Gov. Mike Pence was a breath of fresh air and I hope that the tone he set for the two remaining upcoming presidential debates sticks.

I also hope that all parents watched the VP debate with their children beside them. As I’ve said earlier, this campaign will impact their lives a lot more than it will mine and yours.

There are things critical to raising great kids that liberals can destroy.

As a pediatrician of 30 years, I’ve watched literally thousands of kids grow up. I now take care of many of my former patients’ children and love it. I’ve seen what helps kids do well in life and what doesn’t. And there are a handful of things that are critical to raising great kids that liberals can destroy. That’s why you and I need to do everything that we can to help Trump get elected.

Here are some reasons why we must vote him into the White House on Nov. 8:

1.) Kids need to go to school and not be afraid to hide their faith. Catholic and Protestant kids feel intimidated about letting their faith be known around classmates and teachers. I know this because they tell me so. Even second-graders feel pressure to say the right thing and not say the wrong thing. Hillary Clinton will only intensify these fears if she gets to the White House.

2.) Children lose when liberal social agendas like the most recent transgender bathroom debacle get pushed onto them. Seriously, who could even doubt the confusion of a bright, conscientious third-grader who tries to wrap her head around the fact that the boy in her class says he’s a girl today and should walk into the stall next to her? This is a surefire way to mess up a child.

3.) Hillary will lead our kids into bankruptcy. Sadly, many millennials I speak with aren’t bothered by the outrageous national debt. The reason? They don’t realize that fiscal responsibility was once important. Presidential candidates used to use their promise to balance the national budget as a means to win votes. Now, we are so heavily in debt that none of us can wrap our heads around the numbers. Debt feels like a fantasy — not a reality. But it will cost our children and grandchildren good health care, good jobs, owning a home — and make even pursuing their dreams implausible.

4.) The pervasive and toxic liberal mindset that being a victim is noble paralyzes children’s creativity and ingenuity. If our children are learning to see themselves as victims because a boy was referred to as “he” when he felt like a “she”; that a 17-year-old paid a minimum wage is cheated and that a college student who has to pay to go to school is robbed — we raise a generation of adults who never learn to work, take charge of their lives, or free themselves from the claws of dependency on the government or their parents. That, my friends, will be a sad day.

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I realize that many parents dislike Donald Trump’s banter at times — but let’s be honest. At least he was never investigated by the FBI, did not advocate for the demise of great health care, and did not stay married to a spouse accused of rape. We need to remember that if we love and believe in all that the GOP stands for, we must vote on Nov. 8.

Forget about your feelings and do the right thing for your kids — because there’s one thing I promise: Their future under a Clinton presidency will look awfully dark.

Dr. Meg Meeker has practiced pediatrics and adolescent medicine for 30 years. She is the author of the online course, “The 12 Principles of Raising Great Kids,” which is part of The Strong Parent Project.

Source: Our Kids’ Future Under Hillary ‘Would Be Awfully Dark’ | LifeZette

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