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Condoms.RoRi630.WMC_-135x100Two reports have come out in the last several days. One is from the Centers for Disease Control, February 2013, “Incidence, Prevalence, and Cost of STI’s in United States” —

The other is in the Dallas Morning News, 2.14.13, “Morning-After Pill Use up to 1 in 9 Younger Women” —

We need to realize that these two articles are closely tied together.  In the first article published by the Centers for Disease Control, we learn that sexually transmitted infections (STI’s, STD’s) are skyrocketing among women ages 15 – 24; this age group accounts for 50% of all new cases of STI’s.

In the second article, we learn that the morning-after pill (i.e., a high-dose birth control pill) is now being used by 1 in 9 women; that is almost 10% whereas in 2002, it was 4%.  The morning-after pill offers no protection against STI’s.

Putting two and two together, we should realize that the more our culture engages in sexual activity using the morning-after pills — whether married or not — the higher the number of people who will contract STI’s.

End result: The higher the costs of healthcare will go for everyone

Logical conclusion:  To keep down the costs of healthcare, our country should be pushing abstinence-before-marriage and then living in a monogamous relationship.  This would decrease the STI rates all across our country.

However, the Obama administration’s agenda actually encourages everyone to have sex with any and all, including lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender sexual activities.

The Obama administration pushes the morning-after pill even though it gives no protection against STI’s.

The Obama administration pushes condom use even though when used consistently and correctly every single time (which is almost impossible to do), there is still a 15% chance of contracting HIV.  Condoms have not been proven to greatly reduce a person’s chances of contracting other STD’s.

To learn the facts, please read my article dated 10.3.13 entitled “Adults Must Protect Our Country’s Children” —

Donna Garner


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