Kittredge Craps Out

Feb 5, 2018 by

An iconic bigmouth propagandist for the charter school lobby has been suddenly and mysteriously silenced.

Because of an investigation of  allegations of a sexual nature, and “additional factors” ( whatever they may be), Jeremiah Kittredge was fired as CEO of the Families for Excellent Schools”,which is both a high-profile and behind-the-scenes botcher of the truth about education.

Funded largely by the Walton Foundation and other bitter loathers and mortal enemies of public schools and teacher unions, they hawk lies for public consumption and Kittredge was their media guy.  Kittredge hatched countless op-eds excoriating primarily these targets, there was also a thinly-veiled but unmistakable disdain for public school kids and their parents also.

Kittredge was the “go-to” guy whenever talk-show hosts needed a reliable slanderer of public schools. If there was a story that could potentially damage the image of public schools,the tabloids would trot out Kittredge. They wouldn’t be bothered with sources capable of balance, clarity and accuracy.

He was the Lord Haw- Haw of the charter school racket. And now he’s not even a blip on a radar screen. Poor ex-blip!

Kittredge’s former outfit, the Families for Excellent Education, is not averse to stroking some shady benefactors. By “shady” I don’t mean necessarily illegal, but rather secretive in that they operate largely in the dark so the public can’t really see just who they are,what they stand for, and what they’re up to.

They also can be said to have operated on the periphery of law, in that they were fined almost a half-million dollars in 2016 for hiding the sources of funding that they were spending on political action to attack public schools.

But that penalty is just a drop of vomit in the bucket of revenue they are netting from seedy folks in board rooms, scaly human fish in “think tanks” and slippery “foundations” that know how to skirt the spirit of the law even when complying with it.

Jeremiah Kittredge is one of the founders of Families For Excellent Schools. He didn’t just hop on board because he was a hot prospect from Zip Recruiter.

He occupied air time and print space and agitated with street demonstrators. He condemned, out-of-hand,every initiative the city has taken in good-faith to further improve our public schools. He is constitutionally incapable of giving public school children any credit for their admirable achievements.

Kittredge was invited to respond to his firing but apparently thought better of trying to explain himself and refused. I think it’s a fair bet he has good reason. His sacking was dramatic and delicious.

Ron Isaac

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