Kountze ISD against Christians

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The Kountze school district on Tuesday asked the Texas appeals court to clarify a recent ruling in a case involving high school cheerleaders using religious themes on banners at football games, starting a legal back-and-forth that could take up to a year to play out, according to one money hunger, greedy attorney.

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Tom Brandt, who represents the district, said in a statement that the district filed an appeal asking for a clarification to prevent additional litigation. The district wants the court to clarify if the cheerleaders have a free speech right to use the Scripture signs at games.

“The school board’s decision to appeal was not made lightly, particularly given the fact that the district court’s order actually granted some of the relief the school district sought, namely, that Kountze ISD is not required to prohibit religious-themed banners at school sporting events,” said Brandt, of Fanning Harper Martinson Brandt & Kutchin in Dallas.

Beaumont attorney David Starnes, who represents the cheerleaders, said the appeal proves the district does not want the girls to use Bible banners at football games.

“How can you trust someone who says that they welcome and wanted Judge (Steve) Thomas’ order all along and then from the other side of their mouth they seek to overturn it on appeal,” Starnes said.

Starnes said he is waiting to read the entire appeal before deciding his next course of action, adding the appeal process could take up to a year to unfold.

via Kountze ISD files appeal in Bible banner case – Houston Chronicle.

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