KU sorority punishes student for posting conservative views

Nov 3, 2020 by

Michael Ryan asks: Are arguments on vital social and political matters now banned at universities?

She left home for college to expand her mind. Some there wanted to reprogram it instead.

Katherine Lauer was put on probation last month by her University of Kansas chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority for “conduct unbecoming” — conservative social media posts that were oddly deemed “argumentative” and were said to somehow disregard others’ opinions. She was ordered to take a social media holiday for a week to focus on “personal reflection and cleanse.” She was then to have a dialogue with the organization’s chief operating officer to edify her with a “broader education of America today.”

Out of tolerance for others’ opinions, we’re not going to tolerate yours, comrade. Don’t just scrub your posts. Cleanse your mind.

See: Orwell, George.

The junior, who really did leave tiny Home, Kansas, for KU, had been suddenly and without warning ushered into the sorority’s “Member Development Committee” — also called the Standards Committee — and bombarded with Star Chamber-style questions about her conservative views and posts. Interestingly, no members who posted about Trump supporters being racist or anti-LGBTQ received similar treatment, she says. Hmm. What was that again about disregarding others’ opinions? I don’t think everyone got that memo.

Source: KU sorority punishes student for posting conservative views | The Kansas City Star

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