L.A. school board member accused of harassment and intimidation of school employees

Jun 28, 2013 by

LOS ANGELES – A Los Angeles school board member is under investigation for alleged sexual harassment and intimidation of district employees, a probe that spawned from his connection to a separate, ongoing teacher sexual misconduct case.

School board member Richard Vladovic, 68, is the focus of at least one, and possibly more, harassment complaints after employees interviewed about alleged teacher pedophile Robert Pimentel also complained about Vladovic’s behavior, the Daily News reports.

Pimentel is charged with molesting girls at De La Torre Elementary School in Wilmington, and Vladovic has close ties with many administrators involved in the Pimentel investigation.

Pimental is jailed and awaiting trial on charges of molesting nine students and a female relative, according to the news report.

The news story was not specific about any of the allegations against Vladovic.

An unnamed source told the newspaper the Vladovic investigation involves at least two complainants.

“People’s jobs were threatened. People were harassed. People expressed (incidents) of sexual harassment. People indicated that they were guided, coerced and directed to hire or not hire employees who had otherwise-concerning backgrounds,” the source said.

“There were a number of phrases used, such as Dr. Death – ‘I would lose my job if I did not do what Dr. Death said.”

The source said Vladovic learned of the investigation into his behavior last week, and didn’t take it very well.

“Vladovic asserted numerous threats to current individuals that they would lose their jobs immediately; that they would never work again as a result of this investigation,” the source said. “Those statements are now part of the general complaint.”

If Vladovic behaved like school employees describe, he should certainly be held accountable for his actions, if not with criminal charges, then with removal from the school board – either by his fellow board members or voters.

The drama undoubtedly distracts school officials and board members from more important issues, and Los Angeles schools have plenty of other educational problems that need to be addressed.

Vladovic told the newspaper “I don’t lie, I don’t cheat and I don’t retaliate.”

There seems like there are a lot of people that beg to differ, and we hope the truth comes out soon so district leaders can turn their attention back to what matters most – improving education for Los Angeles’ school kids.

L.A. school board member accused of harassment and intimidation of school employees – EAGnews.org powered by Education Action Group Foundation, Inc..

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