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Fred A. Baughman, Jr. M.D., is an adult and child neurologist and a Fellow of the American Academy of Neurology.

By Fred A. Baughjman Jr., MD –

Alas, the users, addicts and pushers of amphetamines have conscripted the Op/Ed pages of the country. Katherine Ellison (Mother’s new little helper: Adderall, Los Angeles Times, Op/Ed January 13, 2012) writes “All over the country in recent weeks, mothers of children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder have been scrambling to fill prescriptions for their kids’ stimulant medications, due to suddenly scarce supplies.”

Ellison presumes that (1) ADHD is an actual disease–a physical abnormality—gross (a mass or tumor palpable in a breast, or on the skull), microscopic (cancer or inflammatory cells seen on biopsy or Pap smear) or chemical (elevated phenylalanine in PKU, galactose in galactosemia or other chemicals in the over 100 real inborn errors of body chemistry)–objectively demonstrable in tens of millions of Americans of all ages, and (2) that it has been proved to be normalized by amphetamines known only to addict, harm and kill.

Despite Ellison’s claims and those of the of all psychiatrists (American Psychiatric Association) and other physicians (American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Neurology) who “diagnose,” “treat” and bill for so-called ADHD, no disease has been found to make it anything other than an entirely subjective psychological/psychiatric entity, one made up of emotions and behaviors, none of them actual diseases.

At the 1998 NIH Consensus Conference on ADHD, William B Carey, MD of the University of Pennsylvainia concluded: “What is now most often described as ADHD in the United States appears to be a set of normal behavioral variations….  This discrepancy leaves the validity of the construct (ADHD) in doubt.”

With no proof of a disease, the final statement of the Consensus Conference Panel, November 18, 1998, was: “ …we do not have an independent, valid test for ADHD, and there are no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction.”

Nor has there been any proof since. Recently I helped Brian V., Canadian father of a psychiatrically- “diagnosed,” “drugged,” 12 year-old son draft a letter to Health Canada–Canada’s counterpart of our FDA. In a reply dated Nov 10, 2008, Mr. V. was told: “For mental/psychiatric disorders in general, including depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and ADHD, there are no confirmatory gross, microscopic or chemical abnormalities that have been validated for objective physical diagnosis. Rather, diagnoses of possible mental conditions are described strictly in terms of patterns of symptoms…”

On March 12, 2009, Donald Dobbs of the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research wrote to me admitting: “I consulted with the FDA New Drug Review Division responsible for approving psychiatric drug products and they concurred with the response you enclosed from Health Canada.”

Saying “diagnoses of possible mental conditions are described strictly in terms of patterns of symptoms” is a clear admission that such diagnoses are wholly subjective and cannot, therefore, be diseases, disorders, illnesses, sicknesses, syndromes, abnormal phenotypes or abnormal genotypes in any medical sense.

It is clear that psychiatrists, psychologists, and all who conspire to make “patients” of normal human beings, speak of all things psychiatric as though they were medical, physical diseases and as if psychiatry was the practice of medicine, when it is not.

Ever-duplicitous, those of the psychiatric-pharmaceutical cartel must always be read with caution. Remember: disease = sickness = illness = disorder = syndrome = abnormal phenotype. Remember, there are no such things in psychiatry, psychology or “mental health.” Remember too that without an abnormal phenotype there can be no causal abnormal genotype/gene, the bottom-line reason that all of their claims to “psychiatric genetics” are fraudulent as well.

At the end of her Op/Ed Ellison tells us she has ADHD herself, the faux diagnosis needed to get amphetamine legally and that she is a user of amphetamines, if not an addict, a possibility she worrys about–if not for the millions of normal children already drugged, for herself. She would do well to read of the sudden cardiac death of Matthew Smith, 13, of Detroit coerced by teachers to accept his ADHD ‘diagnosis’ and to not stop his Ritalin. She would do well to read the 2009 research of Gould et al of Columbia University who found a 7-fold increase in sudden cardiac death among children taking amphetamines. How much was Ellison paid by Shire, manufacturer of the amphetamine concoction called Adderall?

How much has she been paid for her expertise and personal experience taking amphetamines in the past and their performance enhancement Ellison writes so glowingly of.

ADHD—not a disease in the least, is, instead, the greatest health care fraud in history.

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