L.A. Unified finally hiring teachers again

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Job_PostingAfter years of layoffs and hiring freezes, L.A. Unified expects to hire more than 1,300 for next year. And it can even be choosy.

After an extended period of layoffs and hiring freezes, the Los Angeles Unified School District has resumed bringing on new teachers, while also being more selective about their quality than in the past.


The nation’s second-largest school system forecasts hiring 1,333 instructors for next year; it hired 718 for the current year. The total teaching force numbers about 26,000.

The turnaround represents the first significant positive change in the employment climate since 2007; each year since, the district had faced significant budget cuts — from an economic recession, a drop in federal funding and declining enrollment.

Help has come from an improving economy, a voter-approved tax increase, and, perhaps most importantly, a demand for teachers that is finally outstripping the supply.

“We are now entering that point,” said L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy, where the district is finally able to “undo” some of the harm from “years of cuts.”

“It’s an exciting time,” said Mary Ann Sullivan, principal at 24th Street Elementary in South Los Angeles.

One of Sullivan’s new hires is Samantha Pulliam, 27, whose first-grade classroom gave no indication recently that she is a rookie L.A. Unified instructor. Walls, whiteboards and windows were filled with colorful displays: an exhibit of student writings and drawings about the story “Kitten’s First Full Moon”; an explanation of the color wheel; calendars to mark lost baby teeth and birthdays; a poster with the parts of an essay; a chart that defines books and stories by genre.

Pulliam used the word “genre” with her first-graders, who gathered around her attentively discussing whether a story about pigs was fiction or nonfiction, fantasy or reality.

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